Taking a Breather: 6 Exciting Ways to Spend Your Lunch Hour

When you’re working eight or more hours a day, lunchtime is more than just a time to refuel your body. Many companies give employees an hour lunch break and it’s common for people to use that time to unchain themselves from their desks and refuel both their body and mind with a good meal and conversation. 

Of course, lunchtime shouldn’t be the only time employees have access to food. Providing snacks can boost productivity and build company loyalty. You can even get office snacks delivered to provide a wide variety of fresh snacks to your employees. 

Most people can finish their actual lunch within twenty minutes, leaving them forty minutes to idly scroll social media. If you’re looking for a break from staring at a screen, there are more meaningful ways to spend your lunch hour. 

Rejuvenate Your Lunch Break

If you’re tired of the same old lunch break routine but don’t have the energy to come up with new ideas, we’re here for you. Put the phone down and pick up one of these breathers:

1. Exercise off your lunch. More and more companies are offering employees on-site exercise facilities. Exercise can help stave off the mid-afternoon slump and improve productivity. If your workplace doesn’t offer such accommodations, a brisk walk around the block or lap at the local high school track can energize your body and your brain.

2. Daydream your dream job and make strides towards it. The sad truth is that very few people are currently working in their dream job; the job they always imagined themselves in when they were kids visualizing their future. Sure, you need a job to pay the bills, but if you’re not doing what you love, use your lunch break to update your resume or search for college courses that could put you on the right track. 

3. Read an actual book. Remember, you’re trying to get away from screens. Go to the library and borrow a real, physical book for free. Transporting yourself to a fictional world is a great stress reliever and gives your mind a much-needed break from thinking. 

4. Take a dog for a walk. If you work close enough to home, you can take your own dog for a quick walk. If not, consider signing up for a pet walking service and find clients near your job. Sure, you might get dog hair all over you, but a dog’s joy at the simple things is a lesson we can all learn.

5. Listen to a podcast. You might need your phone for this, but technically, you’re using your ears, not your eyes. There are millions of podcasts to choose from. Motivational podcasts that will help you find your dream job, or mind-numbingly entertaining crime podcasts. 

6. Plan your next vacation. If you have unused vacation time coming up, use your lunch break to get ideas for your next great adventure. Grab a map and find a random city a few hours away for a quick weekend getaway. If you’ve always wanted to visit Europe, get some travel guides from the library and earmark the tourist sites on your bucket list. You’ll be amazed how that little bit of excitement increases your energy and productivity.

Might Last a Day, Might Last an Hour

Lunch breaks are different for everyone. Some prefer to spend the time gabbing with coworkers. Others prefer solitude and quiet. But when you think outside of the box, you can use your time wisely and productively and make it an enjoyable break to look forward to every day!

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