Dating Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic: 5 Things You Can Do to Stay Intimate

The coronavirus pandemic led to lockdowns and restrictions around the world. 50 percent of the earth’s population was required to stay at home as of March 2020 and many businesses were ordered to close.

Moreover, the shelter-in-place orders and business closures have had a significant impact on people who are trying to date. Stay-at-home orders can make it difficult to meet new people or date in person. Even though some states are easing up on their quarantine protocols, it’s still a very confusing time to navigate what to do when you leave your home. If you are trying to date at this time, here are some strategies you can use to meet potential partners safely, or nurture an ongoing relationship that started before the pandemic.

1. Connect Safely

Singles can use online dating sites to meet potential partners. This will prevent you from risking exposure to the virus without putting your dating life on hold. You can begin relationships on a dating app by reviewing profiles to find your potential perfect match. Chatting online can be an effective way to get to know potential partners. If you feel comfortable with someone, you can share your email address with them and communicate regularly.

You may also be looking for a casual relationship. The best hookup sites are evaluated at HookUpDatingReviews. This is an excellent resource that can provide you with important information, such as the sexual orientation of the users and types of services each hookup site provides. The reviews also evaluate how user-friendly each site is.

2. Video Chat


You can safely engage in face-to-face conversations with an existing or new potential partner via video chat. Using Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangout, you’re able to privately converse using either your phone or laptop. These resources are convenient, free, and allow you to focus on your partner in a meaningful (and safe) way.

Video chat encourages you and your partner to connect on a different level of intimacy. There are four different types of intimacy: Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. All kinds of intimacies are equally important. When you communicate remotely, you can build a mental connection by discovering shared knowledge or interests. You can foster emotional intimacy by discussing your feelings. You can nurture spiritual intimacy by talking about your beliefs. Video chats can allow you to get to know someone without developing a physical relationship, and that can be just as powerful.

3. Remote Dating

You do not need to be in the same house or city to go on a date. You can use video chat or other electronic resources to have a remote date. This means that you schedule an activity you will do together and share the experience with each other.

For instance, you can plan to cook the same meal and meet face-to-face to eat together over a video app. You can play video games together online. Pick a movie and use chatting apps or text to coordinate your start time and message each other with your thoughts and reactions while you are viewing the movie. This is a great way to get a sense of each other’s entertainment preferences, and it can also provide you with something to talk about afterwards.

4. Remote Sex

Physical intimacy might be an important aspect of your relationship or what you want in a relationship. Even if you are quarantined in separate locations, you can still engage in sexual activities. One way is to have phone sex. You can discuss ways to sexually stimulate yourself and each other while exploring each other’s sexual interests.

You can also use video apps to visually stimulate your partner or engage in masturbation together. This can be an effective way to build your sexual intimacy and to learn about your partner’s sexual desires and needs.

5. Care Packages

You can foster intimacy and build an emotional connection by sending your date or partner something you know they will appreciate. It may be a book or movie they mentioned during one of your video chats. It could also be lingerie or a sex toy that you feel they may enjoy.

You can order these items from online retailers and have them sent directly to your partner to let them know you are thinking about them. You can also opt to order items and ship them yourself. If you are mailing a package to your partner, take some time to write them a letter. It is a personal gesture they will appreciate.

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