Tips for Men to Last Longer in Bed

Most men who typically do not last for more than 20 to 30 minutes in bed are always looking for new ways to boost their stamina and delay ejaculation. The social stigma surrounding how long a man can last in bed has created a psychological pressure on most men when it comes to making love. How to last longer in bed is a question most men seek the answer of these days in their quest to please their women more intimately and satisfyingly. If you are one of those men, who ejaculate too early, here we would be discussing a few ways to help you last longer in bed. 


One of the most natural ways to adjourn orgasm is edging. It involves bringing yourself close to orgasm and stopping all sexual activity before ejaculation can occur. It would calm you down and relax your nerves. It is an easy way to cool down your excitement to avoid premature ejaculation. Try edging while masturbating, and when you perfect this art, use this technique in bed with your partner. It would undoubtedly increase your uptime. 


As per many sex therapists, the people suffering from premature ejaculation should squeeze their penis right below its head when they are about to reach orgasm. It helps in flushing the blood out of the penis and increasing the body’s ejaculatory response. In a way, it is similar to edging and is based on biofeedback. 

Focus on her

Premature ejaculation is not always due to any biological condition but also stress and the pressure to satisfy the partner. Focus on her and indulge in extensive foreplay, including clitoral stimulation using a toy or your tongue, whatever you prefer. When your partner is enjoying and already had her first round of orgasm, it relieves the pressure on you. When you are relaxed and confident on the bed, it automatically boosts your body’s response to orgasm and allows you to have better control over it. 

Use Condoms

Using condoms is anyways recommended when you have multiple partners and for reasons known universally. However, one more way condoms can help you is by desensitizing the stimulating area in your genitals that excites you beyond control. It causes premature ejaculation and embarrassment. For many people using condoms means taking half the fun out of sex, but it can be beneficial when trying to avoid premature ejaculation.


There are pills available in the market that claims to help with premature ejaculation. Many men have benefitted from these pills as well. However, the problem is that these pills do not have FDA approval. You can try the medicines that have good reviews online and see if it works for you. Many men have found a solution to their premature ejaculation problem with these pills, and you can too. 

Masturbate Before Sex

Men with the problem of premature ejaculation should schedule the day for sex with their partner and masturbate a day before. It would help in delaying premature ejaculation considerably. Depending on how sexually aroused or active you are, one can even choose to masturbate a couple of hours before sex. 

Many men who do not have the problem of premature ejaculation also look for ways to last longer in bed. The above techniques can help you delay premature ejaculation considerably, and would have answered your question on “how to last longer in bed”. If nothing seems to help, consulting a sexologist should help. 

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