Tips on Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Outfit

For women, it’s a constant struggle to decide what to wear at work, college, or for a party. Shoes play an essential part in that selection process and wearing the right pair of shoes can uplift your apparel choice or do the opposite. If you’re out of a good pair of shoes to match your outfit with, choosing the one from the wide selection available at Bella Belle shoes can be a good idea. 

Wearing stylish shoes that match your outfit and complements the look you want to achieve is a style statement every woman wants to make. Here are the few tips that would help you choose the right shoes for your outfit.

Match your shoes with your bag or belt

It’s one of the old-fashioned tricks that still work, and rightly so. Make sure that the pair you’re wearing matches the color of your outfit or your belt or bag. Ensure the shoe color doesn’t match with everything that you’re wearing; otherwise, it wouldn’t achieve a contrasting look, which is the basis of a fashionable look. If your shoe color doesn’t match with your bag or belt, wearing an accessory that matches your shoes would work just fine as well. 

Wear shoes that complement your outfit

The goal is for shoes to complement your outfit and not necessarily match it. It gets a bit tricky to understand this, but the shoes you wear doesn’t have to overwhelm your fashionable flashy top. It’s up to you to decide what you want to highlight more. If you’re wearing a trendy up-street top, the footwear can be a little subdued. And, if your apparel is a bit monotonous, let your shoes do the trick of uplifting and styling your look. 

Understand that your body type matters

The shoes you wear should go well with your body type. Flat shoes can give an impression of being top-heavy, and if you choose to wear boots, make sure they cut off above the region of the calf where the legs start to get narrower. For women that have large feet, wearing pointy shoes is not recommended as it may give out an impression of having huge feet. The petite women often choose heels as their go-to choice but remember that it should not be over 4-inches. Anything above 4-inches would make the legs look larger than what they are. For shorter women, avoiding heels that have strap-ons is essential to ensure the feet don’t look short. The pair of shoes you buy must complement the apparel as well as your body type at the same time. 

Shop Appropriately

Many women love to wear boots all year round or wear flats during the winter. As much as you like to wear or buy what you’re comfortable in, you must wear them appropriately for the weather or occasion. Winter and autumn are the perfect times to show off your boots and heels for social and formal events. Remember, the heels you wear to a club must not be the same for your work. Flip-flops and sandals should be kept for more casual instances and warm weather. Wear sneakers for running and working out, and it can be worn casually as well for times when you’re just hanging out with friends or taking your dog out for a walk. 

These are a few tips that would help you choose the right shoes to pair with your outfit. There are many factors involved to land on the right pair of shoes that would complement your overall look. If you’re looking to add a few more pairs of shoes to your shoe collection, choosing from the elegant collection of footwear available at Bella Belle shoes is an ideal option. 

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