Preventative Measures: 5 Most Common Reasons Why Teenagers Get Involved in a Car Accident

At least six teenagers on average are killed every day in the United States. Besides, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that these accidents result from motor vehicles.

In the United States, up to 300,000 people die as a result of car accidents every year. In addition, the National Transportation Safety Board confirms that more than two million people get injured as a result of car accidents.

When compared to other age groups, teens are the most affected by car accidents. Averagely, 963,000 teens are involved in car accidents every year. Out of those, 383,000 get injured, and 2,865 include fatalities.

Below are five common reasons why teenagers get involved in a car accident:

1. Driver Inexperience

Let’s face it. Even though you love your teen so much, he or she don’t have the experience to react to dangerous situations on the road.

Usually, accidents are caused by teens during their first month soon after acquiring their driving license because they are curious to test their new skills on the road.

The truth is that proper driving techniques develop with experience and it’s no doubt that teens have no such experience. That’s why they are bound to cause car accidents.

2. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving means that you engage in an activity that draws your attention off the road while driving like using your cell phone, drinking, or tuning your radio.

Because driving requires you to manually and mentally concentrate, even a mere distraction can lead to a car accident. Distracted driving is even more dangerous at night.

3. Reckless Driving

Up to thirty-five percent of teens speed at the time of the crash. If your teen gets involved in an accident, consider hiring an accident lawyer to help you with your case. A lawyer understands the legal terms and will advise you accordingly.

Besides speeding, teens get involved in car accidents by making illegal turns, street racing with their peers and lane changes.

4. Driving Along With Teen Passengers

One of the primary cause of teen car accidents is driving with teen passengers. Studies indicate that driving along with teenagers can increase the chances of driving under the influence of drugs.

Young people don’t want to disappoint their peers. So, they will do everything possible to please their friends. Please advise your teens not to drive with their friends who may subject them to shady practices while driving.

5. Not Using Seat Belts Appropriately

It has been confirmed that seat belts can lower the chances of fatal accidents. Sadly, most teens ignore to use seat belts which is dangerous. They feel that seat belts are not necessary because they think they are the best drivers.

In a survey carried out in 2013, slightly more than half of the high schoolers admitted that they wear their seat belts. Besides, it was confirmed that teenagers record the lowest rate of seat belt usage.

Bottom Line

It is advisable that you teach your teens the safe driving methods and tell them to avoid driving with teen friends as this may lure them into involving in activities that will ultimately cause car accidents. By teaching your kids the excellent driving methods and the wrong practices, they will understand and know the dangers of unsafe driving practices.

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