A Different Kind: 5 Major Differences Between Dog Owners and Regular People

Humans have turned all kinds of animals into pets. Millions of people own and love everything from scorpions to elephants. However, data shows that dogs are by far the most popular pets, followed by cats, fish, and birds. Canine companions top the list because they often mirror peoples’ personalities and even looks. Dog owners are generally happier than other animal owners, and many think of their pets as best friends.

Pets Often Reflect Owners’ Looks

Fun photos demonstrating how much dogs look like their owners are all over Social media. Scientific evidence proves it is no joke. A psychologist at the University of California, San Diego, collected information that allowed him to match dogs with their owners by looking at photos. His data showed that long-haired women chose pure-bred breeds with floppy ears. Pugnacious men frequently owned bulldogs. Parks are full of athletic people running with sleek, well-muscled animals. Pets can share subtle features like eye shape. Owners may even buy clothing from specialty stores that sell matching pet-human ensembles. For instance, stylish dog fanciers routinely find chic, high-fashion outfits by contacting Pehom online.

Owners and Dogs Have Similar Personalities

All animals have unique personalities, but dogs tend to mirror their owners’ dispositions. Discover magazine recently detailed a study linking human and dog personality types. The results showed that humans and hounds tend to reflect one another. Lively, cheerful people typically select active, energetic breeds. Easy-going buyers often decide on relaxed dogs. While some traits are common to specific types, data shows that training and environment play a big part in shaping puppies’ personalities. Canine personalities change over time and begin to resemble their owners’. That is one reason cheerful people tend to have happy dogs and owners of aggressive dogs generally reveal many negative traits.

Dog Owners Are Among the Happiest People

Dog owners are happier and more outgoing than other pet owners. The gap is unusually wide when compared to cat owners. A Washington Post article reporting on American pet ownership revealed that 36% of dog owners stated they were pleased with their lives, compared with 18% of cat owners. Among those who owned both cats and dogs, 28% said they were contented.

People Who Love Dogs Also Welcome Other Animals

Dog owners are more likely to accept other pets. In one study, researchers asked cat owners whether they would keep a puppy that was given to them as a gift, assuming they had space. Over two-thirds said they would not accept the pup. When researchers asked dog owners if they would keep a kitten, 70% replied, “yes.” The results suggest that dog owners are more likely to enjoy animals in general.

Owners and Dogs Are often Best Friends

Canines’ ability to bond with humans is unique in the animal world. Some breeds weigh 150 pounds or more but are gentle with babies or even tiny kittens. Dogs that will protect children from danger will also attack an intruder without hesitation. As a result, most owners form strong bonds with their dogs and often consider them best friends. While other animals also develop relationships with humans, few can match canine devotion.

“Dog people” are different from other pet owners. Their pets frequently mirror owners’ looks and personalities. Dog fanciers are also some of the happiest people, enjoy various types of pets, and recognize canine companions as best friends.

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