Want disposable vape pens? We sorted it for you!

What Is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a slim, long shaped device that looks pretty identical to a regular pen. It uses a heating element that runs on battery. When you turn it on, the battery warms the solution (e-juice, e-liquid, vape juice). It will continue to heat it until the juice has reached the point of vaporization. 

Once the liquid has reached the target temperature, it changes into a fluffy (often flavored) vapor. Unlike a tobacco cigarette, a vape pen does not produce smoke because no combustion is happening. The clouds that look like fog are not smoke; they are vapors. They do not come with the kind of danger that is linked with cigarettes, tar, and smoke. 

The device revolutionized the vaporizing community with its large battery capacity that offers longer running time. You can choose from a wide range of all kinds of vape pens off of Big Daddy Smoke; the online store.

Difference Between Regular and Disposable Vape Pens 

A regular vape pen carries a cartridge that comes prefilled with oil or e-juice. You will have to buy a battery separately. You have to replace the battery once you run out of it.

With disposable vape pens, there’s no need to recharge the battery. There’s also no maintenance or cleaning required. The best part is, they are way cheaper than regular prefilled cartridges. 

The only con to a disposable vape pen is they contribute to more waste as you have to throw them away quickly. Although some companies do offer a recycling program.

How to Shop for a Disposable Vape Pen?

Look for the number of doses – Take a good look at the box or just ask the seller about the number of doses a single pen will give you. Based on the kind of pen you go for, you can expect anywhere between 50-200 doses. 

Think about the frequency of usage. Accordingly, calculate the number of doses that might be good for you. 

Check a recycling program – Some companies offer a recycling program wherein you can return the used vape pen to the place that you bought it from. In exchange, you get a few credits in your account that you can redeem towards your next purchase. 

Enquire about the cannabis oil – This inquiry is about the extraction process used for making the cannabis oil as well as information on the additives (if any). When you make an informed decision about which cannabis oil you are vaping, you can make the whole experience a lot healthier.

The Most Promising Disposable Vape Pen

To make things easier for you, we did the research on your behalf and came-up with the most promising vape pens in this particular segment. 


#1 VERTEX Vape Pen

This one is a simple but highly effective pen. Just know that it will get the job done. And, the experience is going to be beyond satisfactory. It comes with multiple voltage settings. You can set it to your desired preferences beforehand. This adds a touch of customization to the whole vaping experience. It’s easy not just on the usage front, but on the wallet too. 


  • The pricing is one factor
  • The design is simple yet appealing. That makes it easy to carry around everywhere.
  • Multiple voltage settings for customization

#2 White Rhino Disposable Dube Air Oil Vape Pen

This dab pen remained at the top of the most popular disposable wax pens that were available all through 2019. The pen is designed to hand liquids, juices, and oils. It is quite discreet in terms of design and comes in two color variations. The pen is affordable but not low-quality.  

It’s super easy to carry around. So, you can vape on-the-go without fearing to raise eyebrows. The fact that you don’t have to worry about refilling the cartridge is just icing on the cake. 

Some of the pros of this pen –

  • Great pricing
  • Portable
  • Easy to carry around
  • Disposable
  • Discreet packaging/design

#3 Bullet – Disposable Vape Pen

This high-performing pen is quite convenient and well-constructed. It’s good for all kinds of smokers for times when they need something on-the-go. This particular pen from Bullet comes pre-filled with concentrates. It’s designed to give maximum effects with the finest flavoring. This particular disposable vape comes with a leak-proof design. The innovative ultra-charge technology offers you the added promise of long-lasting vapes.

Why go for it? 

  • Excellent smoking experience
  • Highly-effective
  • Potent concentrates that taste great
  • Sleek design that’s also discreet-looking
  • Quite convenient to carry around

#4 Bhang – Disposable Vape Pen

This particular disposable vape pen is extremely high-quality. It comes in a sleek looking design.

It looks a lot like an e-cig. Much like the other pens, this one is also easy to carry around. It’s quite handy and portable. No need to charge and it comes in a variety of strains. So, feel free to pick one that serves you best.

What’s good about these pens:

  • Portable/compact size
  • Discreet design
  • Convenient to carry around
  • No charging needed
  • Wide variety of concentrates to choose from

#5 Oasis – Disposable Cannabis Oil Pens

The disposable vape pen by the brand Oasis is easy and convenient to carry around. It’s an excellent alternative to regular dab pens. This one too offers you a variety of strains to pick from. The cartridge that oasis vape pens come with is a quarter of a gram. They are not refillable. No need to charge or replace the cartridge. No muss, no fuss. The pen is quite affordable too. You can grab it for as low as $20.

What is worth loving about this disposable vape pen –

  • Easy on the pocket
  • High-quality product
  • Potent concentrates with a variety to choose from
  • High on portability
  • Discreet design
  • Super easy to use

In Conclusion

Dabs and vape pens are clearly taking the world of smoking and vaping by storm. Every day, new and interesting; not to mention innovative products are hitting the market. Disposable vape pens are one such product. It will make all your vaping needs whole of a lot more convenient to satiate. 

What’s more, you will not raise any eyebrows or get any funny looks by those around because of their discreet looks. Feel free to dab as much as you want, on-the-go.

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