How to feel more excited about life

Our lives have become so dominated by consumerism.  We eat, drink, have become hooked on watching the latest shows on Netflix, looking for the latest free spins promotion, and are forever scouring the best offers on Amazon and other prime sites.

We want it all.  We are consuming 100 percent of the time, from information, news updates, entertainment info non- stop.  There is never a down time. A time to reflect, to quiet the mind and maybe consider how we are feeling.

This is not to dis a good meal or a good movie. We should always enjoy down time.  And, of course it’s good to be informed and educated about what is going on in the world and all the new and exciting innovations there are. 

It is totally understandable that people want to escape from “life” for a while. We get overwhelmed by life itself and the things we need to deal with in our daily lives. So, disengaging from everything can sometimes be positive but there does need to be a balance. 

If we are forever taking in information from the outside, it seems that we never have the time or space to think about ourselves in any real way and to create the life and things that we want.

This does not just involve artistic expression, although this is obviously important.  It has more to do with connecting to, and exploring your own personal passions and curiosities instead of being constantly caught up with all the external humbug. 

It may be difficult to step away from the excitement of purchasing the latest gadget or getting tickets to the latest show but being involved in creating the life you want is, by far, more pleasurable.

Creating an exciting life

Below are a number of things that we can create to make your life more meaningful.

Setting out your mission

Many of us go through our daily lives by rote, with very little sense of purpose or meaning.  We don’t stop to consider if this is what we should be doing or even if we like it.  There is no real excitement in doing something without intent or passion.

Connecting to what makes you truly happy and are passionate about will make you feel really alive.  This does not necessary refer to your career path, although that could well be part of it.  It’s really about deciding how you want to present yourself to the world, what you believe is right for you and then going about creating it.

For instance, creating a blueprint like:

It is my mission to live a life of integrity and courage. To make family my priority. To live in freedom, to enjoy adventure and to promote creative expression. 

Knowing what is important in life, makes life decisions easier. It shows you which of the many paths open to you are relevant or not.  Your blueprint may change over time, as you move through life.  It may be revised many times.

Art projects

Believe it or not most of us can be creative and we are able to create art.  Many of us consume in order to squash our feelings.  Being creative can be an incredibly healing experience and can be a way of expressing our feelings.

In childhood we were forever expressing our feelings by doing all sorts of simple but creative things.  We colored, painted by numbers, did chalk drawings, and built all kinds of models using Lego and other materials. You could draw, sew, make jewelry create a photo collage, crochet or learn Kirigami.   The possibilities are endless.

Getting in touch with your feelings will help to inspire you. When you start paying attention to everything around you, you’ll find all kinds of things to use for your inspiration.

Of course, you can enjoy art just for the sake of the art itself.  But it becomes really exciting to create something with real meaning for you, and for others to enjoy.   There is nothing better than enjoying something you have created and, in turn, sharing and inspiring others with that creation.

Self- expression and individuality

Today we are lucky, we all have the opportunity to express ourselves. We can all create a video, start a blog or podcast. We are all able to express who we are and what we think and share that with the world.

It’s also fairly simple to get started.  You don’t need to do or buy anything complicated. Although it is possible to acquire more sophisticated equipment if you find some medium that you really love.

A little searching around on Google will help you find the sites you need to get you started. There are many free ones so money doesn’t have to prevent you from getting started.  It is really very exciting and rewarding to share your thoughts and ideas with others and have them respond.   You really never know who is out there just waiting to hear the very thing that you are wanting to share.  You can inspire and be inspired.  The courage to share your voice is all it takes.

Creating memories

In our last moments, it is unlikely that we will look back at the amount of money we have acquired or the number of Facebook friends we have.  We will more likely have an assortment of memories, moments with family and friends and those we love.  

Times when we were courageous and stepped outside our comfort- zone, those times when we were fearful but did it anyway.   These things generally don’t just happen, they are things we made a decision to do. We chose to do them and those are the things we will remember. 

Living and creating those inspiring moments with your loved ones and your friends can be truly magical.  Creating these memories is a wonderful gift to give to yourself and others.  A little thought and effort is all that is needed.


The majority of people are probably dissatisfied with their lives.  Life is not really fair.   Some people are born into better circumstances and are given more advantages and it is easier for them to get ahead.  

However, this is not the whole story.  Some do get more opportunities and chances in life but some just make their own opportunities.   If we just accept our fate and feel sorry for ourselves, absolutely nothing will change.  It is important to keep a look out for opportunities and to seize them when they arise.

Be proactive.  Go on that course, send that letter, make that phone call. You can create new possibilities for yourself.  Let the next purchase you make be something for your new adventure, rather than a way to placate yourself because of your unhappy life.

Make new friends and connections

We are all becoming more and more disconnected from each other, more insular.   We spend a vast amount of time relating to each other via a screen – a smartphone, laptop or computer – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We are involved with people but rarely, face to face.  People are living such lonely lives.

We need to take a step back.  We need make time to make new friends and develop real relationships away from our phones, computers and other devices.  Step outside, beyond the world of screen time and engage in some activity where it is possible to forge real relationships.   It may be very challenging to take that step but the rewards will make it worthwhile.

We want to be able to look backwards and see a life well spent.  A life full of family and friends, children and good work experiences.  It is important to have priorities.  Spend your time doing the things that make you feel good and purposeful and alive.  Create some beauty, share some fun and make good memories.  

Balance of course is paramount.  It’s good to enjoy that trashy novel, a movie marathon or that fun shopping spree.    But you should indulge in these things intentionally.  They should not be a means to escape.

Ultimately, think about what you are doing and why.  Live a more intentional life and life will become more invigorating.

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