A place which you will always come back to

Did you ever wonder how to feel more excited about life? Or do you want to know how to find a perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Or perhaps you need some tips on how to make your sexual experience in bed longer and better? What if there would be a place where almost daily you can find answers to these and hundreds of other similar questions? Well, that place exists, and it is called crookedmanners.com.

It was launched by a guy called Lance, all the way back when he was an intern at college. Now, he is a professional web editor who enjoys traveling the world and writing about all those stuff that interests him, just as they interest the most people. Lance writes about lifestyle, money, travel, advice, fashion, gadgets, sports, television, and music. He is a person that has a wide range of interests and an amazing talent to write about everything interesting enough to stays in his mind.

Every few days, Lance posts an article that is not only exciting but also helpful to a defined group of people. For example, this week, he wrote a guide on how to freckle removal treatments. Like all the other news on his website, this article is also written in a readable style and is divided into five different paragraphs, with a headline above each to specify what the paragraph is all about.

The articles on this website are not some daily news which seems important today and worthless tomorrow, cause all these texts have timeless value and can be read no matter when they are published. For example, in July 2015, Lance wrote an article that relates to the best shark diving location around the world. Everything that he wrote then, still is on today, and if the headline itself weren’t attractive for you to read this article, the photo on which three scuba-divers in a cage are staying face to face with a giant shark would definitely get your attention.

For Lance, writing is like playing adult sex games – exciting, fun, and meaningful only if there is someone to share it with. Only, unlike in sex games, where to give something you must get something back, Lance on his website gives his knowledge and talent for writing to anyone willing to read it, and he asks nothing to return. Well, he would probably appreciate it if you would follow his website page on Social Media, but that wouldn’t take off much of your time like online sex games, wouldn’t it?

When it comes to Social Media, Lance puts his focus on Instagram, and the visitors of crookedmanners.com can go to the site’s Instagram page directly from the website, just like they can send an email to Lance and ask him any question that they want. When they open any specific article, the readers have an option to share that article on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, just like they have an opportunity to put a comment on a text which they have just read, whether Lance will like their feedback or not.

Of course, like on every news website, a particular and highly visited chapter is the sports page. Lance likes to write about many different sports, from football and basketball to fishing and exercising. However, he doesn’t write just about athletes, but also about sports fans and their regular needs. For example, ahead of the World Cup held in Russia two years ago, he wrote an article in which he explained what every football fan must have before the start of the tournament (Hoegaarden Starter Bundle, a new TV, Betting APPs and World Cup Smart Watch).

Lance writes in a way that is easy to read, and his website is straightforward and user-friendly. It is easy to navigate and find the content that you want since all the articles are divided into categories and months in which they are published. Therefore, at crookedmanners.com, you can be sure that not only will you never get lost, but also you will never lose your time searching for what you want.

Therefore, it is not strange that those who once come to this website, continue coming to it for many years in the future. The quality of the text and the subject itself is interesting enough to keep that sparkle of expectations among readers about what Lance is going to write about next.

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