How to Plan the Perfect LGBT Wedding

Planning a wedding can be intense, stressful, and terrifying. There’s plenty to do and it’s going to cost you a good amount of money, which can be scary. When you’re planning an LGBT wedding, you can be faced with some unique challenges. You could have difficulty finding the right vendors, and complications with family members could make the entire thing painful. If you’re looking to plan the perfect LGBT wedding, here’s what you need to know.

Make sure you and your partner are a team

You and your partner are about to make a life-long commitment, so now’s the time to really solidify yourselves as a team. You’ll face plenty of obstacles in the future and handling the stress of wedding planning will show how well you’ll handle other major events. After celebrating your engagement, it’s time to get to work. LGBT couples counseling provides you both with a safe space to discuss the unique concerns that come with being in a queer relationship. An experienced counselor can help you grow closer and learn how to be supportive and loving partners for one another. You might face challenges during wedding planning, and this is when you’ll need each other the most. Discuss how you can support each other and what you each can do to make your wedding a perfect day.

Handle the finances early

Weddings are expensive, no matter who’s getting married, but when you’re an LGBT couple, it might be a little complicated. Many parents still hold to traditional values when it comes to who will pay for the wedding. This can make the wedding budget tricky. For a lesbian couple, both sets of parents might insist on paying for the wedding. For a gay couple, both sets of parents might decline to contribute at all, claiming that the groom’s parents typically don’t pay for much. In both of these scenarios, parents can feel defensive and the couples’ feelings can get hurt. Be open with each of your families about expectations.

If you and your partner make money with streaming and are determined to pay for the wedding yourselves, let your parents know that they can contribute in other ways. Maybe they’d like to host a brunch after the wedding or help decorate the venue. Whatever you decide, be open and honest, and stay united with your partner. Don’t let him tell his parents they can chip in if you’ve already decided not to accept. At the same time, be considerate of your families’ feelings. If it’ll cause less drama to let your parents cover the venue, let them.


Get vendor recommendations

Your straight friends might complain about the lack of great vendors in the area, but they don’t understand the difficulties that LGBT couples experience when they attempt to book vendors. 30% of lesbian couples and 11% of gay couples reported that they had problems with wedding vendors. Some people refuse to provide services to LGBT couples, while others will simply make the happy couple uncomfortable because of who they are. Start hunting for the right vendors early in the planning process. Try asking your LGBT friends which vendors they used. You can also look online to find vendors who specify their beliefs. A wedding is the largest event you will ever plan, and working with amazing people will make your day so much easier. Ask for recommendations and take your time to find the right vendors.


Planning a wedding is a challenge for any couple. If you and your partner are ready to tie the knot, it’s a good idea to examine your relationship. Become an unstoppable team, and the rest of the planning will be a breeze.

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