5 Things You Should Definitely Start Doing for Yourself

It’s upsetting when you feel like you’re not doing enough to make yourself happy. But what if you went to a doctor and they told you that you only had two weeks to live—would you go out and do all those things now? It shouldn’t have to take a doctor to motivate you. You should pick yourself up and find the inner strength to do everything you want now. Quit putting your happiness on hold—its time to explore your dreams. These five tips will give you a general idea of where to begin your journey, but the sky is the limit.

1. Shopping

Shopping is scientifically proven to release dopamine (a chemical in our brain that makes us feel good) when we are anticipating purchasing something new. This is a good place to start—if you don’t already go shopping. If you think to yourself “I don’t have enough clothes near me to shop for everything I want,” then try shopping online with Chico’s.

Chico’s is a women’s clothing store that carries fabulous apparel. During the chaos of COVID-19, they are offering curbside pick-up at select stores, and you can also order directly to your home. Additionally, Chico’s has a free return policy and free shipping. You won’t regret shopping at Chico’s for any of your woman’s clothing needs.

2. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

It can be difficult for us to quit worrying, but that’s exactly what we are telling you to do. Stop sweating all of the small stuff and try to enjoy yourself, even a little bit.

Sometimes, though, stress can get the best of us. If you have too much on your mind to handle by yourself, then reach out to Therapy Group of NYC—this is Manhattan therapy at its finest. Located in New York City, they are a group of teletherapists who take their patients’ cases—and their privacy policy—very seriously. They will never divulge information to anyone else. According to their site, one in four adults in the United States have received mental health treatment and 80% of those people have found the treatment to be effective.


3. Mix Up Your Routine

If you’re tired of the same routine day in and day out, then switch it up. There is nothing wrong with change—change is good for everyone, and we should learn to adjust to that change. Try new things, like a new coffee shop, a new restaurant, and especially new hobbies. Be spontaneous and live a little bit.


4. Respect Your Body And Stay Healthy

You should always respect your body (if you don’t already take care of it). Eating healthy meals and starting a regular exercise routine should be the start of respecting your body. As you start this practice of greater self care, you will begin to feel more healthy. You won’t want to stop these good habits once you’ve adopted them because that may cause you to revert back to your previous bad habits. You can also start incorporating activities such as yoga, martial arts, or weightlifting into your everyday life as well.


5. Do Good For Others

It has been scientifically proven that doing good deeds for other people makes us feel better in general. Acts of kindness have been known to reduce stress, promote mental health, increase feelings of happiness, and more. Good deeds will also make you feel good about yourself, so don’t turn down any opportunities you find to help others. Consider volunteering at food banks, schools, animal shelters, and more. You can also donate clothing or perform charitable acts for organizations that work to help causes that matter to you.

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