Health and Fitness: The Best Ways to Shock a Lagging Body Part

Fitness enthusiasts can attest that a balanced physique is all they dream about. A lagging body part shows failure and can derail most of your training efforts. However, most people have that one body part that is always slow in showing fitness progress. According to one fitness enthusiast who uses dianabol as the main fitness gear, focusing on this weak area is very crucial to boosting its performance. This leads us to look at the best ways to shock such a body part.

Blood Flow Restriction

One popular method used by fitness experts is BFR. You need to tie a band above the area you are working on so that the blood has a restricted outflow. It could be knee wraps, a band or any other suitable wrap or band. Make sure that it is properly done because this determines how effective it will be.

In this state, the nerves will respond by sending more muscle fiber activity to the area. The lactic acid will stimulate more growth around the area, making it grow to the same level as other body parts.

Alternate Your Training Schedule

If you are used to exercising in a particular sequence, then some of the body muscles, particularly those trained last, could be missing out on a lot. Probably, one part of your body is lagging because it gets trained last without much attention given to it.

It is time now to alternate the training schedule so that your neglected muscles and body parts can come first. This way, they will get enough attention, consistent reps and the muscle growth they deserve.

Making Changes to the Reps

To shock a lagging body part, reps could be added to a workout that involves the lagging body part. This process puts more stress on the body part, and this could do the trick. If people are lifting heavier weights than they can cope with when they add reps, reducing the weight to a lower level is very crucial.

The body is designed to respond by growing more muscles and becoming more active when subjected to more stress. After introducing more reps, you can rest assured that this lagging body part will be active again.

Bring Your Mind to the Muscle

Mind power can save your lagging body part or muscle. You must mentally connect the two together so that you can focus on the area more than the other areas. This kind of attention helps to trigger all the necessary functions of the body to its advantage.

In fact, this connection can work well with low weights rather than heavy weights as many people might assume. Always have enough focus to trigger the necessary growth, and you will see a balanced physique within no time.


Much is often discussed related to shocking your lagging body parts and muscle groups. However, not many people will take the necessary steps to do it. Instead, most people continue complaining about a weakness they can address with ease. The methods discussed above are the best and most effective ways to achieve success. When combined with the right procedure, you can rest assured of obtaining the best results.

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