5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hobby

Having a hobby (or even a few of them) is good for you. For one, you’ll have something to talk about when you’re meeting someone new and they ask, “So, what do you like to do?” But, beyond that, you’ll find mental health benefits from having a hobby, too. Still, finding the perfect hobby might seem to be easier said than done. You might be preoccupied with other tasks and it might take some effort to find the right hobby for you—even so, you too can find the perfect hobby. From learning about geology to raising plants on your windowsill, the options are endless.

Get Inspired!

To start finding the hobby of your dreams, the internet is a great tool. A quick Google search will turn up hundreds of different ideas for hobbies and pastimes. If you prefer a less direct approach, spending some time on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can spark that inspiration more candidly. When you fall in love with your favorite influencer’s greenery, you might want to order some of your own. Delicious recipes on Pinterest? Get cooking.

Hobby Idea: If you’re inspired by the plant parents of Instagram or just want to bring more nature into your life, try starting with a beginner-friendly option like a split leaf plant (Monstera deliciosa). Did you know you can order plants online? Now you do!

Consider the cost (and possible earnings).

If you’re working with a tight budget, taking up scuba diving or yacht racing probably isn’t the wisest idea. In fact, it could be helpful to look for a hobby with the potential to become a side hustle, if that is the case. If that’s your plan, be sure that this is something you can earn money from in the first place, and consider adding another hobby to your list that’s just for fun.

Hobby Idea: If you’re hoping to earn a little spending money from your hobby, starting a blog or an Etsy shop could be a good fit.

Be Reasonable with your time and energy commitments.

The time it takes to care for a low-maintenance plant is a lot less than you’ll need to commit a course. Dance lessons will take a lot more energy than starting a gemstone collection. Think through what responsibilities you have already and how much time and energy you can spare for your new hobby.

Hobby Idea: If you don’t have time to spare, find a hobby that you can fit into spare moments (like reading a book over your lunch break) or while checking something else off your to-do list (like taking a class with friends to combine your hobby with some socialization).

Engage in some self-reflection.

What are your passions? This question alone might be a bit intimidating but you can easily reframe it. What were your interests as a child that might have fallen to the wayside? What brings a smile to your face? Those are the sorts of things you should make time for—and that will make for the perfect hobby.

Hobby Idea: If you were the type of kid who was constantly bringing home rocks, an updated interest in geology and gemstones might be the perfect hobby for you. Howard Fensterman‘s website can help you get started, with articles about different times of minerals, their care, and even potential health benefits.

Think about what you want to get out of it.

You might not even realize that you have a goal for your hobby but, if you do, it’s important to consider it. Do you want to learn something or improve yourself from this hobby or do you want something to show off at a party? Do you want to unwind from the stresses of life or engage your mind?

Hobby Idea: If you want to learn new skills, consider signing up for an online (or in-person) class as an educational sort of hobby.

There’s no one right answer in finding the perfect hobby—it’s simply a matter of what’s right for you. Whatever you choose, have fun! And remember: you can always use these tips to find another great hobby to try next.

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