M. Design: 10 highest paying jobs in the industry

There are hundreds of opportunities within the design world. Let us take a look at the scope of M. des. course to gain an in-depth idea of the career choices one can have if a person is creative. 

  1. Graphic designer

    Considered as one of the most common design careers out there is that of a graphic designer. These professionals develop designs for marketing collateral, brand identities, product illustrations and websites using creative computer software. They combine technical skill with artistic ability to create designs that resonates with its potential audience.

  2. User experience (UX) designer

    UX designers develop websites, mobile applications, software and video games that are easier to navigate and more intuitive for users interact interaction. They also analyse specific components of the system to cater to the needs of the user.

  3. Photographer

    Photographers utilise their creativity skills and technical expertise to capture photographs that can describe an event. The majority of modern generation photographers work with digital cameras and editing software to take images of subjects in commercial-quality images.

  4. Interior designer

    Professionals in this occupation engage in transforming interior spaces to improve the functionality, safety and aesthetic appeal of a concerned area. They specialise in selecting colour schemes, furniture, lighting, flooring and other essential elements of a room or building.

  5. Multimedia artist

    These tech design experts create animations and special effects for video games, movies, television, and other media outlets — both two-dimensional and three-dimensional. They work closely with teams of animators and artists to bring creative ideas to life using computer software and by writing their own computer code.

  6. Art director

    Art directors work in a range of settings such as magazines, newspapers, internet-based publication house and advertising or public relations agencies. They communicate with clients while managing a team of design professionals, overseeing project budgets and timelines and reviewing and approving all creative materials.

  7. Landscape designer

    Landscape designers usually work on smaller residential projects. They specialise in shopping for materials and furnishings and supervise plant placement.

  8. Advertising & promotions manager

    Professionals in these positions often work in agencies, where they are responsible for selling advertising space or time for media firms. This is a job for creative designers with strong business acumen, as they work with sales staff to arrange concepts for campaigns and prepare overall campaign budgets.

  9. Fashion designer

    Professionals in this field spend their time designing new clothing and accessories. Designs are typically sketched on paper or digital devices to determine the colours, materials and textures of the final product. They stay up-to-date on fashion trends by reviewing magazines and attending fashion shows.

  10. Film & video editor

    Film and video editors employ technical software to construct promotional or artistic productions from video clips shot by camera operators. This creative career involves working with film directors and producers to determine the form of video is most captivating and then piece together scenes.

Start working towards your ideal design career by taking up a post-graduate course in design. Apply now to cherish exercising your creativity day in and day out.  

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