5 Tips for Planning a Vacation to Hawaii

Description: Traveling to the Hawaiian islands is a dream vacation for many, but it seems out of reach. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. Planning such a fantastical vacation requires a bit of structure and dedication, but it can be done. Take these steps to make your dream a reality.

Slide one: Begin planning at least six months ahead of time. It’s not unusual to see many resorts/lodging options booked to capacity at least a year in advance. While fewer people will be traveling this year due to Coronavirus, it’s still not a bad idea to map that trip out in advance.

Slide two: Consider taking a cruise ship. Some folks detest flying, and would only make the actual trip to the islands if they could travel to Hawaii without flying. This is where a cruise ship saves the day. Some cruise lines will give visitors the chance to see multiple islands without stepping foot in an airplane, with the added comfort and experience of a luxurious cruise ship.

Slide three: Lock down lodging for your furry friends. Unless you have a service dog, you’re going to need to find lodging for your pets before the grand day of departure arrives. Go and meet the kennel owners, and be sure to walk the property before you actually commit to boarding your animals there.

Slide four: Stay aware of the 14-day quarantine status for your state. Some states, like New York, have a 14-day quarantine rule in place that requires visitors from “hot states” to quarantine themselves for 14 days upon your arrival. Make sure that there are no such guidelines for your state. Arriving in Oahu or Kauai from a “hot state” and having to stay indoors for 14 days would be devastating.

Slide five: Book a car rental well in advance. Booking a car gives you the opportunity to make your own schedule, and not have to follow a tour guide’s plan for the day! Be sure to allow for a couple of days in each location, as island travelers need time to truly see the sights and enjoy the paradise that is the Hawaiian islands without feeling rushed.

Final slide: With these tips in your back pocket, making that getaway to those dreamy Hawaiian islands will be a much smoother endeavor. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to in these dark and challenging times, so why not make it an amazing vacation?

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