Smart Security Solutions for Your Home

Security is a concept which should never be taken for granted. While there are many modern solutions at your disposal, it is also a fact that intruders are also becoming highly innovative. This is why thinking smart as opposed to hard is always a wise choice. What are some cutting-edge home security solutions at your disposal and what unique benefits does each have to offer? If you wish to keep your valuables safe at all times, the options mentioned below should be seriously considered. 

Intruder-Proof Glass

Although many of us associate this type of glass with government vehicles and banks, a growing number of homeowners are choosing to have it installed. Perhaps the main benefit is that manufacturers such as Silatec are able to offer a wide range of options to choose from.

Not only can bulletproof glass provide your home with an unrivalled edge in terms of burglaries, but it will appear exactly the same as standard window glass. So, it offers a discrete and yet highly effective security solution. This type of glass can also stand up to common objects such as rocks, baseball bats and even axes. 

Gated Entry Options

Homes have enjoyed the presence of heavy-duty iron doors for centuries. This is not a coincidence, as such doors are perfectly capable of withstanding the majority of forced entries. However, some determined intruders may still be able to gain access to your property if they are stubborn.

This is why electronic gated access bundles are becoming commonplace. Often linked to a dedicated home security system, such points will immediately notify you in the event that someone breaches the perimeter of your property. They may also contain additional elements such as biometric scanners or CCTV cameras. On a final note, it is possible to link electronic gated entry systems to the police or fire department. This is an excellent deterrent against any would-be thief. 

Remote Camera Networks

One of the major drawbacks associated with traditional CCTV (closed-circuit television) networks involved the fact that they needed to be hardwired into the existing electrical system of your home. So, they could only be placed in specific locations. This has all begun to change thanks to devices that now run on batteries or that are even powered by the sun. They can be placed in nearly any location imaginable; providing your home with a truly seamless monitoring system.

Also, the video feeds from these very same cameras can be sent to an in-house system, your smartphone or directly to your security provider. Not only is this great in terms of home intrusions, but these very same cameras can be used if you wish to monitor children or pets while out and about. CCTV systems come in a wide variety of configurations, and some can be employed just as easily to protect your business as well as your home.

Above all, there are always innovative solutions if you wish to increase the security of your home. While this may require a slight investment, let’s always remember that you can never put a price on your peace of mind. 

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