Professional Axe Throwing: What Kind of Axes Measure Up?

Professional axe throwing is a sport that requires a keen focus and a sharp edge. Once considered a lumberjack’s pastime, this sport has grown greatly over the years. There are now even professional leagues of axe throwers. For a professional thrower, purchasing the right axe is a must. 

What to Look For in an Axe For Throwing

One of the best parts of the sport is a person does not need to spend a lot of money on axe throwing. Many camp hatchets will do as long as they are sharp and ergonomically designed. It is vital the axe feels comfortable in your hands and allows for a solid grip. 

When first starting out, it is helpful for a person to use a heavier axe that weighs between three to five pounds because they are more forgiving and stick in wood easier. Once a person has perfected their form, they can go with an axe that is much lighter. 

It is important to note a person should not purchase a throwing axe with a wood handle. Yes, the wood makes the hatchet look amazing but it is not practical. It is better to choose a one-piece steel throwing axe because there is no worry about the handle breaking. 

The Best Choices For Throwing Axes

There are so many throwing axes on the market that it can sometimes be a difficult choice. The following offers some information to help individuals choose a throwing axe that will offer them peak performance and handling, no matter their experience. 

The Best For Beginners

Husky makes a premium camp axe that is ideal for beginning throwers. It is lightweight and durable and will stand up to a lot of abuse from new throwers. Many people are happy to learn this axe comes with a full lifetime guarantee with no questions asked. 

The Tomahawk throwing set is also perfect for beginners due to its weight. These throwing axes have removable paracord handles, which offer a better grip. This set comes with three axes, making it ideal for practice. 

For Intermediate Throwers

The Big Axe made by WATL is a good choice for intermediate throwers. The long handle is 26 inches and can be cut down to your specific needs. This axe weighs in at 2.5 pounds. 

Tomahawk also makes an excellent throwing axe for intermediate throwers. The handle is attached to the axe without any screws so you do not have to worry about it coming off during a throw. 

Axes for Experts

Expert throwers have had a lot of practice and know what they want in a throwing axe. Estwing has made a double-bit head axe that looks amazing and throws beautifully. This model is a bit heavier than some, weighing in at 2.55 pounds. 

There is also an axe made by CKRT that is ideal for expert throwers. This axe is highly balanced. This Woods Chogan axe would be ideal for an expert but is not recommended without plenty of practice. 


Finding the right axe for throwing may seem like a chore, but if a person knows what to look for it is simple. The right axe should be made from the very best materials and should feel comfortable in your hand. It is important to take the time to research your options. Whenever possible, try the axe out before you purchase. 

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