Do You Have Bad Habits You Should Stop But Don’t Know About?

For most people, the answer is almost certainly going to be yes. Everyone has those bad
habits that they know they should work on, but a lot of people have bad habits they don’t
realize they should stop.

Some of these habits are worse than others. For instance, someone who vapes might think it’s
“healthier” than cigarettes so they don’t have to worry about it! They can inhale that mango
flavored vapor all they like.

This is, of course, fallacious. Just because something is better than something else, does not
make it a good thing. Take the aforementioned as an example.

Vaping is better than smoking, if not for your health then for the comfort of people around
you, but that does not make it good. There is still evidence to show that vaping can have
negative health effects on your lungs.

Another example from the current times we live in would be coughing into your hand as
opposed to coughing out into the air. Sure, coughing into your hand is better because you
aren’t spraying germs into the air, but it’s still not good.

Much like when you win the online casino Australia no deposit bonus, it can be a really great
surprise when you look around and see you don’t have some of the common bad habits that
people complain about!

It’s a nice feeling to know you aren’t harming yourself or acting negatively towards others.
However, sometimes we don’t even realize we have little negative habits that most people
might not even consider a bad habit, but really should.

Mini Bad Hygiene Habits

There are a lot of mini bad habits that aren’t necessarily seen as bad habits by most people.
However, if you want to be the best you can be, and know for certain you aren’t causing
hardship for others, then it’s worthwhile to look for them in yourself!

Some of these bad habits I see in a lot of people around me. So, it is entirely possible that you
do one or more of these things without even realizing it is negative, or maybe realizing how
negative it is.

But so far, I’ve just been blowing a lot of smoke around, but not bringing anything to support
what I am saying. But, be not afraid! I will bring some of the biggest “offenses” I have seen,
and try to explain why they are bad

The absolute biggest one that most people do is coughing and sneezing into your hands. This
is very unhygienic. Especially in times of a pandemic, it is more important than ever to be
careful about how we spread germs.

So, why is it bad to cough and sneeze into your hands? I said earlier it was better than into the
open air! Yes, but as I also said, it is still not good. I would even go so far as to say it is very

What are you doing when you cough or sneeze? Your body is essentially ejecting air, mucus,
and some spit that is laden with diseases or debris your body wants to get out.

If you sneeze or cough into your hands, all that debris and germs end up on your hands.
What’s the big deal? Well, how do you interact with most of the world? Your hands.

This means that every doorknob, every water fountain, every drawer knob, every pen, pencil,
phone, piece of food, cup, utensil, keyboard, and so on and so forth that you touch will
become contaminated with your germs!

This means it is far more likely that diseases will be spread from one person to another
because the diseases are around on surfaces.

This habit is also bad in tandem with another bad habit that a lot of people do, and that’s not
washing their hands often enough, and not before they eat.

This is how all those germs on surfaces get into people and make them sick. You touch
something that someone else coughed or sneezed onto and then touch your face or eat a
cookie with your hands without washing them.

These two things together are a big reason why diseases are spread from person to person.
Germs that survive on surfaces are touched by other people, and then those people do things
that introduce those germs to inside their bodies.

A third bad hygiene habit that is specific to Covid times, is pulling down your mask to
sneeze. The mask is meant to catch what you sneeze out, so pulling it down defeats the

I know it can be uncomfortable to have a dirty mask on, so it is best for you to keep spare
masks with you. So, if you need to change it you can just pull out a spare one.

Bad Health Habits

Many people suffer from problems with sleep, and this is worsened by people staying up later
to do work for their job or school.

However, some things that exacerbate this are things you can stop, which could alleviate
some pressure on you that is keeping you from sleeping.

One bad habit that can keep you from sleeping is drinking too much caffeine within about 8
hours of you going to bed. It’s not terrible if you use it to help you wake up, but best to leave
it on the side in the afternoon!

Another thing that can negatively affect your health is leaving your phone where you can
grab it easily from your bed. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go on some conspiracy rant about
radiation leaking from your phone or anything.

The simple fact is just that you will be more tempted to use your phone if it is close to you
when you are trying to go to bed. This means you could waste hours away scrolling through
social media, binge watching a TV show, or watching online videos about cats.

This is bad in two ways. The first is like I mentioned, it could take time away from your
sleeping time by you losing track of time.  The second is the screen on the phone itself could
be harmful to your sleep.

This is because blue light messes with your circadian rhythm (your bodies natural clock)
which is aided by blue and red light from sunrise and sunset. Sunrise is bluer, and it triggers
your body to tell you to wake up.

Sunset is more reds and oranges which allow you to fall asleep as your body isn’t telling
itself to wake up for the day. Now, how does this affect us?

Most electronic screens are loaded with blue pixels. This means a bunch of blue light is
hitting your eyes when you look at your phone, laptop, or TV. This will trigger your body to
think it is time to wake up, and it won’t produce as much of the hormones it usually does to
help you fall asleep.

This can lead to you wasting tens of minutes, or even hours, rolling around in bed while your
body slowly figures out it’s time to sleep and lets you drift into unconsciousness.

All those minutes are precious, especially in our ever more packed lives where people are
staying up later and getting up earlier.

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