Can Lung Cancer Be Prevented?

Staying healthy can be difficult if you’re not informed about how to handle certain conditions you might face. Certain health issues are tougher to avoid and recover from than others, lung cancer being among the hardest. This disease comes in different forms, some of which can’t be prevented, and factors include your family’s history with the illness, your daily habits, and the environments you spend most of your time in.

However, you can change several factors to reduce your risk of contracting lung cancer. Here are three things that you can do.

Don’t Smoke

You may be sick of the anti-smoking ads that play during your favorite TV shows and sports games, but they’re played that often for a reason. Cigarettes and tobacco are among the main reasons why people get lung cancer. Sometimes, you don’t even have to be the one smoking to contract the disease, as secondhand smoking leads to many health issues for people near smokers. If you’re not a smoker and sometimes find yourself near people who do smoke, whether it’s at work or with friends, limit the time you spend in those locations. Talk to your friends, if they smoke, about how their habits can be a problem for you.

Those who do smoke can lower their risk of lung cancer by quitting or reducing the amount of cigarettes they smoke. Your lungs can recover from most damage done by cigarettes, cigars, or tobacco as long as you quit before the cancer develops. Even if you’re a lifetime smoker, quitting or reducing your intake still lowers your risk. If you’ve tried to quit and are looking for more effective tactics, then find an expert like a doctor or someone with an Associate Degree in Medical Assisting.

Avoid Certain Chemicals

Some of the most common causes of disease are found where we think we’re safe. When it comes to lung cancer, there are several potentially dangerous chemicals, and they’re found in different materials that we use throughout the day. Gasoline and diesel exhaust can contribute if you expose yourself to them over long periods of time. It’s best to use specific protective equipment for gas and exhaust, to keep the chemicals from entering your body.

Coal products also contribute to lung cancer. If you find yourself around coal often, whether it’s at home or at work, find an alternative way to keep yourself safe while using it. You should also avoid radiation whenever possible. If you need radiation to treat other medical conditions, see if you can safely limit your exposure. Radon in particular can contribute to lung cancer, so it’s important to have your home tested and treated if you find it. And of course, speak to a doctor or other professional who knows the facts about lung cancer so you can know for sure if you’re surrounded by harmful chemicals.

Diet and Exercise

So many health issues can be avoided with a stable diet and workout routine, and lung cancer is no exception. Make sure your daily meals include plenty of fruits and vegetables, since these food groups are reliable options for fending off lung cancer, whether you’re a smoker or a non-smoker. If you take specific supplements, learn about their side-effects and talk to your doctor about them so that they don’t surprise you with hidden risks. Vitamins found in most supplements have not yet proven to be helpful here.

Engaging in physical activities on a daily basis helps reduce your risk of lung cancer. You don’t have to take part in the kind of workouts suited for bodybuilders or athletes, even if you’re in a heavy smoker. Just dedicate an hour or two to lifting weights and cardio for a few days each week to keep your lungs and heart in good shape. It also helps to find fun activities to take part in so that you look forward to breaking a sweat. Find a dance center in your neighborhood so you can reenact your favorite dance scenes from movies while increasing your lifespan. It’s also an opportunity to make new friends, which is a great perk while you improve your health.

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