Dubai Blows Up World’s Largest Firework Display

burj khalifa largest firework display

In order to ring in the New Year, Dubai just set fire to the world’s largest firework display in history. And boy, oh boy, was it something to behold. Check out the video below.

Dubai’s Largest Firework Display, 2013

Dubai has always had a penchant for doing things big — real big — as evident from the Burj Khalifa. Billed as the tallest man-made structure in all of existence, the Burj Khalifa took center stage as the region inked yet another claim to fame in the history books. The 2013 display officially made the Guinness World Record book.

This might be the first time we’ve paid credence to Dubai’s explosive firework display, but this is an annual treat. Known for putting on the best show every single year, organizers set off an estimated 50,000 fireworks in the short span of six minutes — that’s essentially 100,000 fireworks per minute. Truly mind-boggling.

Okay, so maybe this was a bit over the top — but who cares? This easily beats the local city display by a mile — which is coincidentally about half the size of the Burj Khalifa. Hopefully that adds a little perspective.

So, what’s the next record you’ve set your eyes on, Dubai? Just make sure the camera is recording and send it our way.

Happy trails, 2013.


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