Knott’s Scary Farm Just Gets Creepier and Creepier


Knott’s Berry Farm is usually a great place to go with the entire family. But you may want to be careful visiting around Halloween. Every year, Knott’s transforms into Knott’s Scary Farm and this year it is pretty damn spooky.

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Guests can check out 11 haunted attractions and over 1,000 monsters that are lurking behind every corner. And trust me, there are a lot of places for them to hide. A lot of mazes have returned this year and all of them have new scary details. Guests will be able to venture through mazes like Forevermore, Black Magic, Trick or Treat, The Tooth Fairy, Voodoo, Pinocchio Unstrung, Gunslinger’s Grave, The Calico Mine Ride and three new mazes, The Dead of Winter, My Bloody Clementine and Paranormal Inc.

The Forevermore maze celebrates its 4th year at Knott’s Scary Farm. The attraction is based on all of Edgar Allen Poe’s creepy stories. Gus Krueger designed the maze and it seems like there are even more blind spots than ever, plus the passageways seem a lot smaller, which makes this maze more terrifying than before. It is safe to say that these subtle changes definitely have a big impact on the scare factor.

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Paranormal Inc is the amusement park’s newest maze and it also might be the scariest maze of them all. It takes place in a haunted insane asylum and follows a very intriguing storyline. There is so much detail throughout the whole maze and it the best attraction Knott’s has done in a very long time. It really is an experience and makes you feel like you are trapped in a haunted asylum. At the beginning of the maze, they warn guests that the amount of electric energy released will cause you to not know the difference between the real world and terrifying realms. There really hasn’t been a haunted attraction as spooky as this in years.

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