Top Colleges For Tailgating


Tailgating is an important part of football. There is something about tailgating that brings fans of all ages together, from current freshman students to proud alumni. These four colleges have die-hard fans and know how to put on the best tailgate festivities.

Louisiana State University

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Louisiana State University fans cook up some interesting and gourmet foods for their tailgating parties. You can find foods like alligator, pig, crawfish and gumbo on any given game day. Tailgaters can also enjoy listening to the school band as they march to the stadium down the hill. LSU knows how to party and be prepared to go all day and night, win or lose.

University of Michigan

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Tailgating at the University of Michigan starts bright and early at 7am. Fans continue to eat and drink just before the game starts. A traditional drum line step show takes place a little over an hour before the game and really gets fans pumped up. The Wolverines have some other pretty cool traditions including a huge tailgate party put on by the Ross School of business at Fingerle Lumber Yard. In the center of the party is a 1985 Ford school bus that is pained blue and has a DJ, a dance floor and couches. The MBA students know how to party.

University of Texas

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It is no surprise the University of Texas tailgating has some great food and music. Not only does the stadium fill with game day festivities, but also the whole town turns into a huge party. There are plenty of restaurants that have their own celebrations or join the dedicated fans for the ultimate tailgating party.

University of Southern California

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At the University of Southern California, fans gather at the Trousdale hours before the game starts to have a party like no other. The band walks around campus playing songs and pumping up fans. If you really want a good time, attend the tailgating festivities when USC takes on their rivals UCLA. Fans get all into this rivalry by hanging UCLA teddy bears on trees and dragging them around campus.

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