Timbersports Becoming More Popular

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Wood-chopping events date back to the 1930s and today lumberjacking events are still popular thanks to the STIHL Timbersports series. Many have said these events are like the Olympics for lumberjacks.

The events give ordinary people who love to chop wood a chance to compete for thousands of dollars. Construction workers, lawyers and teachers come together to compete after training for weeks.

Australia and New Zealand are known to have some of the best lumberjacks, but now the sport is becoming more popular and growing across the world. Australia and New Zealand stills calls wood-chopping their most watched sport.

Lumberjacking is actually a great workout and could replace cross-fit as the new way to get in shape. It really builds up your core and leg strength. Athletes have to swing and chop with a five-pound ax and that can be a great cardio workout.

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You can build endurance by swinging and chopping at the same rate. You can get practice in and have some wood ready for your fireplace since it is starting to get cold out. Some have even compared lumberjacking to golf. It can become very competitive and has to do a lot with your body position and swing. Lumberjacks study how to strike the wood perfectly.

You may not think of lumberjacking as a sport or pastime, but it is starting to catch the attention of people around the world. It is fun to watch and can be a terrific way to work on your strength and endurance.

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