How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

girl dreaming of getting rid of weed smell

girl blowing the smell of weed into her house

With legal weed spreading, we can now build our hopes up for a world in which we can finally enjoy marijuana worry free, but we don’t want to let the whole world know what we’re up to behind closed doors. If you are reading this it’s most likely that you either are trying to not get put on a death sentence by getting caught by your parents/authority figure or you’re just trying to go through your (most than likely) high functional and highly normal life without smelling like complete pot head. If either of those scenarios speak to you; congratulations, you are doing the right thing! No matter the circumstance, you simply don’t want to be that person… Although marijuana is gaining more and more social acceptance through our nation, it is in everyone’s best interest to normalize its use in the best mannerism possible.

Why Does Weed Smell so Much Anyway

This is really a combination of a lot of things but a lot of it has to do with the growing process of a little component called terpenes. Terpenes are hydrocarbon components (meaning made of only hydrogen and carbon) that are produced and synthesized through the plants growth with the help of light exposure. In reality terpenes are responsible for the scent on most plants but it is amazing that on marijuana alone 140 different terpenes can develop.

It’s the terpenes that give the herb its unique and rich fragrance considering they are the major constituents of Cannabis sativa plants. In addition to being responsible for the plant’s aroma, they can act synergistically with cannabinoids.

Think of it this way… the same way a human develops their natural smell in their life, similarly, because terpenes are the primary constituents  of the essential oils of many plants and flowers when placed under different environments, climate conditions and amount variations to make the bud develop unique (often strong) scents.

Cannabis strains vary widely in many respects, including their aromas. From herbal to citrus, and everywhere in between, each strain is unique. Take a look below to see what sort of cannabis according to your scent taste would be most ideal for you.

flavorwheel that gives weed its smell

Those with relatively high concentrations of specific terpenes do, however, make them easier to identify by their smell than other strains. Most agree that varieties that smell of musk or of clove deliver sedative, relaxing effects (high level of the terpene myrcene); piney smells help promote mental alertness and memory retention (high level of the terpene pinene); and lemony aromas are favored for general uplift in mood and attitude (high level of limonene).

girl getting weed smell in her house

Tips for Getting Rid of Weed Smell Out of the House

Cause we all want to smoke in the privacy of our own home but don’t want our place smelling like Chief Keef’s house..

garage space layoutGet Rid of Weed Smell In the Garage

  1. Quite honestly you should open the garage and make sure everyone is getting the weed smell outside.
  2. If for some reason you smoke with the garage closed letting it air out for a couple hours should do the trick of getting the weed smell out
  3. Depending on your circumstances, a good go to is covering it up with cigarette smoke

smoking out of a piece

Get Rid of the Smell of Weed in Your Room/Inside the House

Carpet owners: You would be surprised how much weed smell is retained when it comes to carpets. One quick and extremely simple/cheap way to get rid of scents out of carpets is spreading any type of fragranced powder cleaner. 

Odor eliminator for weed smell in carpets

  • Carpet Powder Cleaner: Personal favorite is the Arm & Hammer Odor Eliminator. You just spray this around the affected carpet are after the baking soda component of this cleaner soaks up the scent of the smoke after you let it sit for at least 20 minutes and then vacuum. Voila! Now your room smells like it just went through a power cleaning session.Odor Absorbing disk for weed smells and more
  • Odor absorbing discs: Also called “Nursery Freshener” You can find little babies at most generic stores that carry a wide selection of baby care products such as Target, Walmart, Babies “R” Us, etc. They are little yellow discs that resemble small urinal cakes. They may seem cute at first sight but rest assured this little suckers are meant to cover the most foul smells that a baby can produce….meaning they are POTENT. They absorb all odors within the container it’s placed in aka place some around the room and they sure to mask odors around you.Ozone Scrubber for weed smell and more
  • Ozone Scrubber: The purpose of a wet scrubber is to remove pollutants from the air and dissolve them into water for discharge in a waste water stream.toilet tube trick for concealing weed smell
  • Toilet Roll Trick: This is super easy and easily attainable since its all stuff that you have laying around the house. The only things that you will need is a toilet tube rolls, dryer sheets and a rubber band. To begin, first grab your toilet paper tube and stuff it with dryer sheets to create a sort of “filter” that the weed smoke has to go through. Start by stuffing 5-6 dryer sheets (more if dryer sheets are thin) inside of a toilet paper roll, or any cardboard tube. Secondly, wrap two dryer sheet around the end of the tube you plan on blowing the smoke through. Lastly, secure with the rubber band. It is simply a toilet paper roll with dryer sheets stuffed in it that you use to blow the smoke through, masking it with the smell of the dryer sheet. Fast, easy, inexpensive and highly effective to get rid of weed smell.detergent trick for concealing weed smell
  • Detergent Trick: another filtering trick that could work wonders for you but is a bit high maintenance and could possibly end up in a bit of a disaster. I actually found this little tip on reddit (never personally tried this) but if someone does leave a comment below. Smoking weed in the bathroom

Getting The Weed Smell Out of the Bathroom

  • Easiest place to mask the odor. Turn on the vent, run the shower and if conditions require it run a little scented soap so that the odor overpowers.
  • Highly recommend smoking here out of anywhere in your house. The water steam might make you run hot but it will neutralize weed smell.

heavy weed smell in car from hotboxing

Tips for How to Get Weed Smell Out of the Car

Cause sometimes just opening the windows doesn’t do the trick…

leather wipes for the smell of weed in car

  • Leather Seats – leather wipe cleaners. Personally I highly recommend you do anything with a hint of citrus as it seems to cover up the smell the most effectively. This is a win/win situation due to the fact that your car gets cleaned, the leather gets nurtured and the smell left behind is pleasant and covers smoke almost to perfection.

    Auto Deodorizer
  • Fabric Seats – more than likely if you have fabric interior a lingering smell of weed will infest your car even if you do leave the windows down during or after the deed. Spray some cologne/perfume/febreze on the air conditioning vents so it will spread the particlesozium
  • Ozium-  might be a bit of an obvious cover up but if your circumstance are pressing and the budget is low you can always count on Ozone to cover any weed smell with a very ummm.. particular smell to mask it.

Other Ideas to Get Rid of Weed Smells:

  • Incenses for example if you are taking a road trip and plan on smoke throughout the way, will create a very spiritual experience inside your car and will mask the smell of bud.
  • Car Freshener pick your favorite brand whether it be glade, febreeze or the old school tree freshners (grab three or four of these if you are) and blast the AC/heat
  •  Cigarettes most likely what you’ll resort to if you are trying to not get in trouble with the law. Cigarette smell is foul and stick to anything so it is no surprise that it will overcome the smell of bud and replace it with that of tobacco. Also if your car smells of cigarettes they are less likely to question the lighters you most likely have out in the car.
  • Toilet Roll Trick  Refer to tips for getting it out of the house/ In your room/inside the house
  • Nursery Disks  Also refer back to getting the smell out of the house / In your room/inside the house

Weed Smoke

Tips to Get Weed Smell Out of the Clothes

Cause walking around smelling stank isn’t an option

The problem with cologne/perfumes this is most likely your first instinct but BEWARE more often than not the smell of your cologne/perfume is not likely to mask the scent of cannabis but instead mix in with (due to the high content of alcohol in most of these fragrances) and end up leaving you with a foul smell.

  • Cloth deodorizerLightly spray yourself with a deodorant spray or fabric neutralizer to mask the scent of the marijuana. It will not erase the smell, but it will be more prominent than the marijuana smoke. You will be more likely to hear that you smell good, rather than you smell like a skunk.
  • DO NOT drown yourself in any sprays, it will combine smells and will most likely make you smell of a vile combination of bud and spray.

Tips to Prevent Weed Smell

May seem obvious but these easy steps will help you that often get forgotten

  • Smoke outdoors – Pretty simple math..If you smoke outdoors, as opposed to a confined space, the marijuana smoke is less likely to stick to your clothing, since there more degree of airflow. Even if wind is at a minimum, fresh air will help clear the smell out.
  • Blow your smoke up – Quite possibly the easiest, and most often forgotten method to avoid getting weed smell on your clothes. The smoke can’t get on your clothes if your smoke goes straight up in the air. This works best outdoors, but can also decrease the strength of the scent on your clothes if you’re smoking indoors.

Last but not least…

Poor quality weed smells the worst

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