How to Make Sure Your Makeup is Complementing Your Getup

Matching your makeup to whatever you’re wearing hasn’t actually been fashionable since the 80’s. If you’re still choosing your eyeshadow based on the dominant color of your outfit, you’ve been committing a makeup faux pas for years and you need to stop all of that immediately. In recent years, it’s far more important to have a cohesive, complimentary overall look than to use the exact same shade of lip color as your dress, shoes, or bag. Learn how to do just that by reading on:

Learn which colors work for you.

Rather than matching your makeup to your outfit, what you want is to choose makeup based on your skintone — very few people can actually rock a gradient turquoise eyeshadow look, for instance. No, we’re not saying you should avoid color entirely. What we are saying is that it’s a good idea to determine what works for you and fits your personal style before experimenting with anything too bold or loud.

Keep it complementary.

The general rule of thumb is that if you have a smoky eye on, don’t go for a bold lip and vice versa. Using strong colors all over your face can appear overdone and feel like it’s all too much. The same goes for the rest of you. If you’re wearing something in a loud color or pattern, then paint your face with a light hand; if you’re wearing a pastel, white or anything in a light color, then don’t be afraid to go with an impactful lip like Shu Uemura’s Laque Supreme Lip Color in RD05 Red. This statement-making liquid lip product is inspired by premium Japanese lacquer and provides intense color with a delicate sheen.

Don’t go for an exact match.

In 2018, exactly matching any aspect of your makeup look to your outfit only gives you a cartoonish, dated appearance. You will end up looking like a human-sized crayon. Leave the 80’s aesthetic behind and repeat these two words to yourself: flatter and coordinate instead of finding an exact match. Think of the color wheel and choose your makeup based on whatever the complementary colors are of the most dominant shade of your outfit. This gives your look a feeling of cohesion and adds dimension.

Choose a feature to highlight.

Preferably, highlight your best feature. If you’re in love with your eyes, then draw everyone else’s attention to them by choosing an eye makeup look that goes with your outfit. Have cheekbones that are higher than the tallest building in the world? Emphasize them. Want to look irresistibly kissable? Draw attention to your lips with a gloss or a strong lip color choice. Remember, pick just one and don’t emphasize every single feature. And yes, even if you wear prescription glasses, you can still compliment your eyes!

Compare and contrast.

Some colors are easier to complement than others. When you’re going monochromatic, that is the time to play with makeup like it’s water color. Meanwhile, a red dress or orange blouse will benefit the most from toned-down makeup in muted shades of nude. Also, the no-makeup makeup look is still very much in vogue and is an easy slam dunk to make if you’re not sure about what colors would go best with a particular article of clothing.

Instead of matching your makeup with your outfit or accessories, it’s better to focus on yourself and think about how your clothes and makeup can work to bring out your best features. This thinking allows you to be more adventurous with how you pick and coordinate your look and gives you more freedom to expand your wardrobe and make the most out of your makeup kit.

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