How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes

When you’re putting together your wedding ensemble, one of the accessories you’re probably most excited to choose are your wedding shoes. For some women, finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes is just as exciting as finding their dream dress. And just like finding that dream dress, finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes is a task that leaves you with a lot to consider.

To help set you on the right foot, we asked JJsHouse designer, Jessica, to walk us through some of the most major style elements to pay attention to. Her first piece of advice? “Comfort is key, regardless of how stylish you want to be. Remember, you’re going to be standing in these things for 15 hours or more. The key is to find a pair that you can tolerate wearing for an extended period of time without sacrificing style.” Read on for more advice.

Heel Length

The two biggest factors to consider when choosing a heel length for your shoes are dress length and how comfortable you are with wearing heels. If you have a shorter dress where the shoes will be exposed, a stylish pair of heels can work very well. However, if you’re not comfortable wearing them and just end up taking them off halfway through the ceremony, well, what’s the point in even having them in the first place? If you’re going to be wearing heels, look for a pair with padding and consider chunkier styles that will help take some of the pressure off your feet.

Types of Leather

Leather wedding shoes are a stylish choice for any type of wedding theme, but you need to know the difference between the most popular types if you’re going to opt for leather shoes. Sheep leather and cow leather are the two main types of leather used to make wedding shoes. Sheep leather tends to be softer and more elegant, while cow leather is a bit sturdier. Shoes made of sheep leather are ideal for more formal events, while shoes made of cow leather are perfect for rustic country-style ceremonies.


Ivory and champagne are some of the trendiest wedding shoe colors. They’re classic and timeless and can match with a wide range of dress colors and styles. Some women prefer a bold shoe that will catch the eye, especially if their dress will be showing the shoes off. A red pop of color can look breathtaking in this case.

Ornaments and Embellishments

Wedding shoes with ornaments and embellishments like crystals, pearls and diamonds can elevate the entire look and add a touch of sophisticated glam to your wedding ensemble. Go for an embellished heel or find a pair with a classy flower-shaped ornament adorning the front.

In addition to considering all the types and styles of shoes available, Jessica stresses on the importance of starting the shoe shopping only after you’ve found your dress. “It’s so important for your wedding shoes to compliment your gown in every aspect,” says Jessica. The length of your wedding dress also plays a big role in what kind of shoes you’ll choose. You also want to find comfortable shoes. Just like when looking for the right running shoes for women with flat feet, you want to look for the right wedding shoes for your feet.

So, focus on finding the dress of your dreams first, but don’t wait until the last minute to buy the shoes, especially because you’ll be needing them at your dress fittings. As soon as you’ve got the gown covered, move on to finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes using Jessica’s tips from above. And don’t forget to get all the necessary accessories and beauty products. Buy Good Beauty Products on

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