10 Accessories Every Man Should Own

There is something deeply satisfying about the palpably tangible feel of a timeless watch, an enduring set of cufflinks, a suit that never goes out of style, a well-crafted leather wallet, and the list goes on. You get the sense, you know what I mean! Use kraftly coupon code to avail exciting offers and deals on your next purchase of adorable keepsakes.

A timeless timepiece to keep time or to simply remind you of glorious days bygone. Be it a vintage pocket watch with an attached fob as an heirloom passed down through generations or a swanky Chrono wrapped around your Father’s wrist that you have your heart set upon. Not just an accessory item, in most cases, a mechanical wristwatch turns out to be a legacy. So what if yours came from the local Helios store, make a gift of it to your son and watch his eye light up! This is one everlasting piece of accessory, a man must own (Not sure whether a smartwatch counts though!)

A swanky duffel is ideally luggage without any wheels. Bulky trolleys and wheeled luggage carriers are too mainstream. Your grandfather didn’t need them and neither do you! Toss your prized possessions in a well-made leather preferably multipurpose duffel that will only get better with age. If it helps, try channelling your inner Jason Bourne.

A fully equipped Tool-box is what sets the men of the world apart from the boys! It is said that the absolute worst thing in the world is realizing halfway through a job that you’re not properly prepared with the right tools. Simple everyday tasks become simpler with the right kind of handy tools. Maybe you could start small and build it over time. You could cut and slice through cardboard boxes with ease, tap in nails while hanging pictures on the wall without a second thought, or while just tightening some rogue screws. A fully stocked toolbox is a smart man’s true companion.

A well-fitted suit to make a big lasting impression. A must have in every man’s wardrobe, you could never go wrong with a tailored suit worn with well-coordinated accessories. Be the centre of attraction in every room, move confidently and leave a trail of admirers behind.

A set of modish Cufflinks to separate you from the button cuff wearing lot. 007 didn’t care for them and neither should you. These little trinkets and items have held on to their position as essentials and make sense across generations. It is time you pick up a few if not all to begin your own metamorphosis into a suave noble-looking creature.

A Grooming Kit to take care of your face and unleash that clean sharp look upon the world. It’s the first thing people notice about you. A well-groomed appearance speaks volumes of the man you are. People hang on to every word you speak, they notice you and trust you; to say nothing of the female eyes following you around.

A well-crafted wallet preferably leather, cause you wouldn’t want your grandkid to inherit a battered and well-used Velcro one that has “Skull” printed across. Invest in a quality piece to draw compliments everywhere and maybe pass it on to your child later. Trust me it will be dearly valued and lovingly cherished.

A pair of Aviators for an effortlessly cool classic look. Make these groovy shades your best friend as you cannot go wrong with this one. They suit almost every face shape and flatter the biggest and tiniest body frames alike. Metrosexual maybe not but rugged? Hell yes! These accessories are all-inclusive of thoughtful practicality and uber stylish looks.

A Cashmere Scarf to embrace your inner, polished man more comfortably and master the Gentleman look. A luxe scarf is timeless and you might want to switch it up once a while. When ageless meets comfort with a hint of functionality in the mix voila you’re a sight to behold and a force to be reckoned with.

A Pocket knife to manage all those pesky needs and niggles on-the-go like a boss. With this versatile tool in your reach at all times tightening a screw or opening a letter is no longer a clumsy mistake, rather a strategic mission accomplished with much panache.

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