3 Naturally Beautiful Vacations to Take in the US

Some people are stumped when thinking of locations to travel to where there’s a combination of natural sights and activities to do. There are spots for nature-lovers in nearly every state — you just have to know the best spots. Here are three spots around the United States with lots of picturesque nature:

Lansing, Michigan

Lansing is the capital of Michigan, which means there are some gorgeous buildings in the downtown area. But Lansing has other gems such as the W.J. Botanical Garden, the Michigan History Center and the Impression 5 Science center, which is great when kids are on your trip. Along with these spots, there are hiking locations such as River Trail or Anderson Park.

The best time to visit Lansing, MI is during the summer, because the temperature is a bit cooler than most other places in the US and it feels amazing. Lansing is an underrated destination to check out next time you’re planning a trip.

Waikiki, Hawaii

Hawaii is a great place to enjoy tropical beauty and maybe even pick up some new skills. After all, what’s a better vacation idea than to surf Hawaii? There are surfing lessons in Waikiki for all ages so it can be a family activity. Some high-rise buildings and shops are near the shore in Waikiki as well, for those on the trip who prefer walking and shopping.

Waikiki is a place to get a taste of life in Hawaii and visit attractions such as Diamond Head, a Hawaiian state monument. Diamond Head is a volcanic cone which offers an unbeatable hike overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the island of Oahu. The trail leads to the edge of a 300,000 year-old crater. Diamond Head is a hiker’s dream.

When taking a break from the surfing and hiking, check out the World War II Valor In The Pacific National Monument. This is a good way to get your history fix during your visit.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a sight for sore eyes. The location attracts all walks of life because of the sheer beauty and serenity the Arizona countryside has to offer. Sedona has spas, hiking, wineries, and more to keep you busy on your trip.

Wine is produced in all 50 states, but there’s no wine like the wine made in Arizona. There are many tasting rooms and vineyards in Sedona that overflow with class and delicacy. Going on a wine tour of Sedona is a fun idea for an adult trip or a honeymoon. There are also hiking trails all over which showcase the red rocks such as Cathedral Rock Trail and Airport Mesa. The views are to die for, and the heat can be diminished with proper gear such as water bottles and breathable hiking clothes.

A fun activity to branch out in Sedona is trying a Jeep tour. Jeep tours are an option for when your legs are about to fall off from hiking, but you can’t get enough of Mother Nature’s gifts. Another option when you’re ready to take a break from hiking is the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village. The village has the look of a traditional Mexican village, but the buildings contain a variety of art galleries, and the cobblestone sidewalks and mosaic fountains add to the area’s artistry. This is a great place for handmade jewelry, delicious food, and the occasional live music show.

Need to wind down after all the hiking? You’re in luck, because Sedona is the city of spiritual healing. A Spa For You, Sedona’s New Day Spa and Mii Amo Spa all are highly ranked spas in the area to wind down at.

Consider visiting one of these spots next time you can’t decide where to take your nature-and-excitement-filled excursion.

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