Tips on How to Work While Flying


If you have to travel a lot for your career, you know all too well the stressed of getting work done while on a plane. But sometimes you have to buckle down and be productive while flying the friendly skies. These tips will help you utilize your time and get what you need done.

PlaneFirst, try to always choose a flight with WiFi. You can still get some work done without WiFi, but I find that having the choice of using WiFi leads to me being more productive. While connected to WiFi, you can do any research you need to do and be able to stay up to date on emails so you don’t have a million messages to go through when you land. By doing this, you won’t feel rushed after you get off the plane and. you can relax knowing that you are on top of things.

If you can’t get WiFi, there are some things you can do prior to your flight to help you be more organized. Be proactive and do some of your research and downloading prior to boarding your flight. Sometimes having the luxury of WiFi doesn’t always go as planned so if you do this, you can still have all the work that you need like recent emails to work on during the flight.

Of course flying coach limits your workspace, but I have found that the exit row really gives you more room and is a great place to sit if you plan on doing some work. You can always pay more to sit in business or first class, but if you are not looking to break the bank, this is an easy way to find more space in coach without costing a lot. You can always get more work done when you are in a comfortable setting.

The best thing to do if you need to get work done while flying is to be prepared and make sure all of your devices are fully charged. It is a good idea to bring either a back up battery or an external power pack. For phones and iPods, they have small portable power packs that work great and will last your whole flight. But still try to charge everything before boarding the plane. This can be done pretty easily since there are lots of power outlets at the airport.

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