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The decor of your bedroom can really affect your mood. It’s the last thing that you see at night, which can dictate how restful your sleep is and the first things you see in the morning and so can help set your mood for the rest of the day. Make sure your bedroom is influencing you in a positive way with our interior design ideas.

  1. Layer pillows

There is nothing that looks cosier than pillows layered up on a bed, they just make you want to climb in and snuggle up, which is what you want at the end of a hard day. Plus, you’ll be able to arrange them how you want at night to help you get some perfect sleep. During the day they also work to add interest in a room, creating something that looks textural and beautiful. Layer your pillows up beautifully by following this guide.

  1. Create a multipurpose space

There’s not many out there with homes big enough to have rooms for every things they would like to do, so why not play around with making your bedroom a multipurpose space. You could have a section in your room that doubles up as an office or you could add some comfy chairs and turn it into a home theatre. Some LED lights for behind the TV should help create a great atmosphere.

  1. Dress the bed

Beds are usually the main focal point in bedrooms, so you need to make this look as beautiful as you can. Find a duvet cover and pillowcases that match up with your style and that really inject colour into your room to serve as a strong focal point. You could also add some throws casually draped over the bed to add some texture and interest but remember to stick to a colour palette. Don’t forget the pillows.

  1. Finding cool and useful accessories

No modern bedroom is complete without some cool accessories. Maybe an Alexa device that could set your alarm and control your lighting, a wireless charger for your mobile phone, or a lava lamp to help calm you down in the evening. Think of anything that will serve a purpose and just add a touch of happiness to your day. If you’re in the market for some new gadgets you could check out my recent blog post on upcoming Black Friday deals to get some ideas about what is out there.

  1. Level up the lampshades

Nothing creates an atmosphere like amazing lighting. Your bedroom could be your sanctuary but it could also be the place where you do you work, so you need to know how to layer your lighting. Make sure you spend some time in your room, thinking about how you use each part of the space and then choose the most appropriate type of lighting. Whether it’s an overhead light shade, a lamp, wall lighting, or accent lighting, make sure it works for you. You also need to think about the colour of each bulb once you’ve chosen, how bright do you need it to be and what colour would work best?

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