Nixon Watch Preview 2013


Nixon Preview While the world famous Nixon brand is much more than a watch company, millions of fans/consumers are constantly being taunted by what new designs or retro come-backs the Nixon watch gods drop on us next. This past year brought us the popular champagne gold color way,  increased the canvas band selection and introduced the Super Tide. As they never have in the past, the 2013 Nixon Watch Preview didn’t disappoint and is nothing short of wrist rockin awesome.

Nixon OctoberFirst up is the new “October” design that embodies both the simplicity and size that makes it easy to coordinate with any style of clothing. The ISA quartz movement on the inside is a Swiss made concept and stays up to par with the big face popularity. With the 48.5 mm casing, its not over powering like the coveted 51-30 but is baller enough to gain attention when you rock it around innocent bi-standards. The big bezel and poly band resembles but kills the extinct Invicta designs with modern class and killer colors.

Nixon Sniper CollectionKilling the competition is the new “Sniper Collection” that keeps your watch game and color scheming on point. As if the matte black and murdered out color way wasn’t ominous enough, throw in “night vision yellow” on top of it. The “Sniper Collection” aims it’s cross-airs at more than a dozen different styles from the time teller to the 51-30.  Not feeling the poly band, throw some leather on it and get G’d up from the feet up with the matching belt, hat and back pack combination.

Nixon Gun Smith CollectionStaying on the topic of gun blasting, the new “Gun Smith Collection” is the perfect combination of both modesty and luxury. Steel grey casing ranging from the “Time Teller” to the “Regent” is the balance of low profile and baller status all in one wrist wear. Sure it keeps time, it also keeps you fresh to death in perfectly worn saddle brown leather bands that will even have pops trying to jack your watch. Don’t worry, the brilliant minds at Nixon created belts, jackets, backpacks and more in this collection to keep swagger jackers at bay.

Nixon Dip and Dye CollectionA little blend of past and present brings about the newest “Dip- Dye” color collection. Primarily a “Time Teller” color choice the innovative minds at Nixon met throw back tie-dye sensation with this one. While the colors aren’t primitively swirled or sloppily splattered about the time piece, the wild color combinations blend smoothly with a little artistic efforts and a lot of flair. Keep it simple and fade from black to white or throw some bright yellow to purple or purple to green on your wrist that make that simple “Time Teller” pop.

Nixon Velvet CollectionWhats a pimp with out a little purple? The “Velvet Collection” is rugged elegance that once again left watch fans nodding their heads saying, “touche Nixon…touche.” A perfectly marbled design with a mixture of hues of purple wasn’t edgy enough, go a head and top that with gold and high polished gunmetal accents.  Lucky ladies can rock this collection in the “42-20”, “The Spur”, “Time Teller” and “The Vega”.

Notable concept collaborations and improvements come in the form of the “48-20”, the “Big Player” and the “Unit 40”.

The conceptual love child between the “51-30” and “42-20” has finally arrived in the form of the big and beautiful “48-20”, newly available in the chrono version.

The mid-sized sleek design of the famous player was shrunk down to size in the idea for the woman’s “Player” and now juggernauted in the monster that is the “Big Player”.

Back to the poly band concept, the ever popular Tiffany Blue or Mint Green color scheme is monopolizing the clothing industry (thanks a lot Nick Diamond) but adds even more bang for your buck.  An affordable $100 will get you the 40mm cased watch with a both size and color coordination that makes that out fit even more swagtastic.




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