Regardless of the occasion, it is always tougher to pick any jewelry piece for a man than a woman. How you wear the accessories that make you stand out from the crowd makes all the difference. However, the most important thing is what accessories do a man pick for himself that does not make him look shady? Well, another tough one, isn’t it? Men’s jewelry works like a charm when worn amazingly – cufflinks, watches, chains, rings, and earrings.

What works well for men?

It may seem appropriate to wear whatever one feels like but the essence of wearing anything and everything is how you wear it instead of what you wear. Also, the confidence in wearing anything with style will add a tinge of spark to the personality of any man.

Here is a list of accessories that men wear with style to create their unique look:

The Watch:

A watch is an essential part of any men accessory. What brand you wear and the color combination of it tells a lot about your personality, therefore, ensure to wear it right. It also acts as a symbol of style statement and if worn right, it makes a man look classy. Do not pick a watch that has a very large or small dial – the size of the wrist and the watch should be proportional. Also, it is tough to choose a leather strap over metal, however, for formal occasions, metal does the charm.

The Bracelets:

If you have ever watched Friends then you know what disaster can a bracelet do if not picked wisely. These are worn on wrists like a watch as well. How well the bracelet will go with the watch that you pick will either make or break your look. While dressing up in casuals or business attires, pick a bracelet made out of leather or wooden. If you want to wear 2-3 bracelets together, make certain the colors complements each other. Remember, for a formal look, pick metal bracelets.

The Lord of The Fingers:

Who else apart from the rings can make your fingers look like a king? Usually, when a ring for a man comes to mind, the only reason that pops up is a wedding. Fortunately, men love to wear rings even if it is not their marriage. If you want to accessorize your hands, do not go overboard – wear 2-3 rings depending upon the finger that it will complement with.

Also, how a ring is designed matters – the lesser the better. With a formal look match your metal ring with other metals that you are going to wear. Do wear a mixture of wood and metal ring to top out the casual look.

The Chains:

The chains or the necklace; who better than celebrities have given the new look to how men appear in public with utmost style! Accessories look good only when their subtlety is not questioned. To pick the perfect piece for yourself, explore to find the charm of your personality. Wearing anything that kills the look is never a great option. Do not wear more than one chain or necklace, unlike rings and bracelets. The chains work well when paired according to the outfit. Formal occasions need metallic chains rather than a necklace.

The Earrings:

Earnings are not for men but if you do love to give yourself a killer look then try to keep it subtle. During a professional occasion, ensure to check whether you are allowed to appear while wearing earrings or not. Under men accessories, still, people do not accept the look with earrings. Make certain, you do not kill your look just by wearing earrings that do not suit at all.

The Tie Bar:

This is the most essential accessory for a man today. It makes a man look classy, trendy, and fashionable. A tie bar keeps the tie in place whenever you are eating or riding a bike. When you buy one for yourself, ensure to know its right placement and width. The gap between the 3rd and the 4th button is considered as the proper place for a tie bar and the width should be half in size of the tie. You can wear it with coats or without blazer – this makes the look sassy and classy.

The Cufflinks:

This men accessory is best for any formal occasion. With casuals, avoid cufflinks. To make these stand out you need to search for a shirt with French cuffs. It is hard to find such kind of a shirt offline but if you may try online, you may get lucky! With any metal accessory, these work pretty well when worn proportionality. These generally stand out with a suit.

Is Buying Men Accessories An Easy Job?

The men the modern world love to experiment with their looks. They add newness and freshness to whatever they attach to their body. Here is a shopping guide that will help you pick the right piece for you or for your man:

Know Thyself:

Before choosing anything for yourself, know what style you want to pull off, what occasion suits the best for the accessory you want to pick, and what your heart wants – leather, metal or wood? Choosing right from the options available always is a tiresome job, however, when you know your personality then buying process becomes easier.

The Color: what color suits you the most? Gold or Silver? Bright or Light? Picking the right color is actually a task and when it is for an occasion, men do not know what will make them look amazing.

The Price: from chains to rings, men accessories are made out of various materials. Depending on the material, the price varies. For occasions like wedding, choosing a ring made of wood will not work. When you know what color you need, what material it should be made of and what price range are you looking for, choosing the right accessory becomes easier.

Keep in Mind While Shopping

When picking gold jewelry, keep the quality and the price in mind as it is slightly higher in price as compared to silver. The gold which is pure is generally soft. To make it durable it is added to other materials. The higher the caratage of gold like 18K, 22K, and 24K the higher is the purity of it.

Choose The Right Male Bracelet

The way a man wears his bracelet, speaks a lot about him – the power, freedom, confidence, and the sense of styling. Engraved bracelets work well with the wooden and metallic material. The color and the clothes you want to match it with will help you pick the right bracelet.

Pick The Right Kind of Ring

What do you look for when picking a ring for the man you love? First of all, find the material he loves and then you need to find out what shape he likes. A band ring or a diamond ring will help you take his heart away. A platinum or a gold ring will do the justice to his personality. Let us be straight, choosing jewelry for men is harder than choosing for women.

All in all, it does not make a difference what you pick to showcase your style statement unless you know who to carry it. Even if you pick the finest material and you do not know how to complement it with your clothes, no good will be done to your look.  Good luck choosing!

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