5 Smart Ways to Keep Your Clothes Looking New

No one wants to be running down to the laundromat every week to keep their clothes feeling and looking like they just took brought them home from the store. It can be annoying when one of the colors of your favorite item starts to fade or the fabric stretches out. But for the most part, if you follow the instructions on the labels and apply a few simple tips your clothes will stay looking new for longer. Check out these simple tips for extending the fabulousness of your favorite clothes.

1. A Home Laundromat.

Unless you have some womens wrinkle free blouseshanging in your closet, you will want to try laundering and ironing your clothes at home to save you some money. A great tip to keep in mind is to wash all your items in cold water. When you use warm or hot water, the fabrics wear out at a quicker rate. The hot water cycle is good for heavy loads like kid’s sports uniforms or dirty sheets, but if you’re just washing your blouses or skirts keep the water cold. If you are worried about cold water making a difference in how clean your clothes get, it won’t. Your clothing items will come out just as clean and there are numerous detergents made specifically for cold water cycles. Next time you go shopping, think of opting for a wrinkle free blouse—it’ll save you lots of time ironing since you can just hang it in your closet straight out of the dryer.

2. Upside Down and Inside Out

An easy trick of the trade that you may not have thought of is to turn your apparel inside out. Clothes get tossed around pretty aggressively during the wash cycle and turning them inside out is a cost-effective way to keep those graphic T’s looking new wash after wash. Fabrics can become snagged easily on the machines so this trick will help stop any unwanted tangling. Of course, with a wrinkle free shirt, you won’t have to iron shirts after the wash either, which should also keep them from fading.

3. The Storage Game

Having your own storage unit is a game-changer when it comes to being a fashionista. All you have to do is search ‘climate controlled storage near me‘ and you are well on your way to your clothes staying preserved. Before just chucking your clothes into the unit you will want to make sure you wash them all. Pre-washing is crucial to maintaining the longevity of the clothes you want to put into storage. If you leave them unwashed you run the risk of mold growing on your items which will leave a lingering smell. You can use clear plastic bins so that it’s easier to see the folded items and even invest in a wardrobe rack where you can hang some of your nicer outfits or dresses in garment bags. If you chose to use plastic bags or cardboard boxes be aware that these are easy to damage and may cause more harm than good. Always remember to make periodic checks on the items in your self storage unit so if something does go wrong you will be able to catch it quickly. By renting an affordable space, whether it’s a standard storage unit or one that monitors the humidity level, you’ll be able to keep clothes that don’t get daily use but are still very special to you.

4. Choices, Choices

Nowadays most of us have pretty up to date washer and dryers, but if you are in the market for a new one you will want to make sure you invest in a front-loading washer. The idea behind a front-loading washer is to use the power of gravity to tumble the clothes around more gently. Also, when loading the wash make sure you do not add chlorine bleach as it is super harsh on your clothing, whether plain t-shirts, blouses or skirts. Try using vinegar which is an all-natural whitener and environmentally friendly.

5. Bag Those Clothes

Buying mesh bags to use on your delicates are a life-changing discovery. These mesh bags are relatively cheap to buy and are great for delicates like bras on the regular cycle or if you just want your clothes to stay extra-safe. A simple mesh bag can help protect your clothing items from almost any damage, especially those delicate items you want to maintain for a long time.

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