The Best Winter Running Gear That Won’t Slow You Down

Any dedicated runner won’t let a bit of cold weather stop them. However, if you’re just getting into the action, you may not know what you need to wear when you are heading out into the chilly weather. While you want to make sure that you stay warm while running around the cold streets, you also want to make sure that you don’t overheat. Here is the best winter running gear that won’t slow you down.


The first thing that you need to reach for, according to the experts at Runner’s World, is a thin pair of gloves when the temperature dips below 40 degrees. If you are running in temperatures in the low 30s or upper 20s, you can opt for a thinker mitten. When it is frigid outside, you may want to choose for including some throw-away hand warmers into your gloves to keep your hands extra toasty.

Ear Warmer/Hat Neck Warmer

When the temperatures drop below freezing, you need to have something that will cover your ears. Since your head and neck are primary sources for heat loss, products made from polyester, spandex, or nylon are your best options, according to the experts at Not only will it help it stay put over your ears, but fleece is excellent for wicking away moisture. When the temperature drops below 20 degrees, you may need to wear a bit more. This is where a fleece hat with a neck warmer can come in handy.

Long Sleeve Shirt

The last thing that you want to wear while running in the winter is a cotton shirt. Cotton tends to hold on to moisture, which can create issues with regulating your body temperature. Instead, you want to wear something that includes sweat-wicking layers that are comfortable. Finding one that won’t restrict your stride is essential and needs to be able to trap your body heat while having the ability to dry quickly.


When the temperatures turn unusually cold, you’ll want to throw on a lightweight, but a warm coat over your long sleeve shirt. It’s best to get one that is both wind and water resistant, and you might want to consider getting one that has a removable hood.


Often your legs are the hardest part of your body to keep warm on a cold winter run. Fleece-lined tights are a must-have if you want to survive winter runs. Compression tights will provide you with plenty of warmth while still wicking away moisture. You also want to try to find a pair that includes windproof material starting at the thighs and going down past the knees.


While you need to wear socks on your winter run, not any sock will do. The best socks to get for winter running are made from merino wool. Merino wool is naturally light-weight and is soft, and moisture wicking, which will keep your feet dry and warm even when you sweat.

You shouldn’t have to stop running just because the temperatures have turned cold. With these cold weather running essentials, you can continue your running routine throughout the year.


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