Take it Off: How to Properly Remove Makeup Down to the Last Bit

Going to bed without removing your makeup is a cardinal sin when it comes to skincare. Unfortunately, not everyone does this religiously or when they do, they do it half-heartedly. Oftentimes you’ll feel exhausted to clean up your face and just doze off with your make up on. It’s important to realize though that proper makeup removal is one of the keys to a healthy and beautiful skin. Through a deep and thorough clean, you’re allowing your skin to breathe and recharge as you sleep.

Wipe all those cosmetics off your face before you hit the hay and your skin will thank you for it! Here are some tips on proper makeup removal.

Cleanse properly

Cosmetics experts suggest starting with a good cleanser. Apply it over your face, including under your chin, around your ears, and your hairline. Allow your cleanser to rest on your skin for at least 15 seconds. Use a clean white cotton cloth to wipe off your makeup. Don’t overdo it though; be gentle in massaging your skin and do it until your foundation and blush are removed.

Consider using cleansing oil

Cleansing oils help keep your skin moist and hydrated. They are especially useful when cleaning thin and sensitive areas such as eyelids and lips. All you need is a small amount to loosen up the makeup. Massage it lightly in one direction until your makeup comes off.

Pay attention to your eyes

Removing eyeliners and mascara is quite challenging. To remove them easily, apply a good amount of remover to a cotton pad and hold it over your eyelashes and eyelids for a few seconds. Allow the remover to dissolve your mascara and liner. If you’re using a waterproof mascara, find a remover that is specifically formulated for it. Once the makeup is soaked, slowly wipe it off using the cotton pad. Here are other tips on removing mascara.

Follow up with a toner

Lastly, follow up with a good quality toner once your makeup is fully removed and your face is thoroughly clean. When you go face toner online shopping, find one that suits your skin type the most. You can find toners for acne-prone skin or for oily skin. While most toners also help moisturize your skin, it’s also smart to consider buying a good moisturizer and serum to cap off your nighttime skincare routine.

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