The Importance of Tyre Safety

I never really thought about it before, but the condition of your tyres is really important for many reasons. I also didn’t realize that when it comes to tyre safety, I wasn’t very knowledge. Luckily, I took the #TyreChallenge quiz to find out just how little I really know about the topic.

First, I entered in my name, age and gender. It alerted me that a score of 9 or 10 means that you know your stuff. I was ready to begin! I ended up failing miserably and scoring a 4 out of 10. This means, I am lacking when it comes to knowing about tyre safety and that I need to freshen up on the basics.

Of course, I know that it is also important to get your car checked out routinely. This means checking the oil, engine and even getting a free brake check. However, I didn’t realize that checking your tyres routinely is just as important! Getting your tyres rotated is a good idea, but there are other things you can do to make sure your tyres are in great condition for the roads.

The tread depth of your tyre is something you can check on your own. This will check to make sure your tyre has enough traction to grip the road. Take a penny and place it upside down in your tread. Can you see Lincoln’s head? If so, it might be time for new tyres.

Next, check your tyre pressure. You can do this with a tyre pressure gauge or taking it to a tyre shop or your local dealership. If not inflated enough, you might need fill your tyres with air. Your tyres will always say how full they should be and make it a habit to check them in the cold and after they have been sitting for at least 3 hours for the most accurate reading.

The overall condition of your tyres are obviously very important. Age does matter and you usually want to replace your tyres at least every 10 years. It depends on how much you drive and the driving conditions you face. I usually have to upgrade my tyres every 5 years, but I drive a lot in the big city and the roads aren’t always in the best shape. Also, make it a habit to check your tyres on a regular basis for any damage. The sooner you find the damage, the better as it could be unsafe or cause even more issues.

Take the #TyreChallenge yourself to help stay safe on the roads!

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