3 Reasons You Should Move Down South

Moving down south is a trend today, especially for the older generation. There is a lot of reasoning behind moving to the south that doesn’t only include getting older. The weather is a large factor in moving down south. The economy down south is better than it is in northern states where, the population is deemed overcrowded. Quality of life is also a factor in moving down south, there are medical benefits as well as financial benefits to moving down south.


When you think of extreme weather, you think of extreme cold or heat like being in the arctic or the desert. Living in a place where it is cold is appealing for some activities like sledding, skiiing, and snowboarding. This is not the case when it comes to maintaining your driveway after it snows or driving in the snow. Picture this, have you ever set your alarm and then fell back asleep? It happens to everyone right? Well now picture you waking up late after a snowstorm passed and the snow plow just went down your street. Now, you’re already late, your car is going to slide in the snow all the way to work and you have to shovel the end piece of your driveway to get your car out. So, you waking up five minutes late turned into pushing you an hour behind.


The economy of where you live drives the prices of everything you can think of. This means that the cost of goods and even housing is affected by the economy. Housing is significantly cheaper on the eastern part of the southern united states. The median price per square foot for a home in Louisiana is $111. This is significantly cheaper than the $145 median per square foot in the state of Virginia. Wouldn’t you rather apply for mortgage loans in Louisiana than in Virginia? You’ll get a bigger house with the same amount of money down south than you will up north. This is especially true when you look at the price of housing in Manhattan where median prices per square foot range over $200. Not only is there cheaper housing in the southern states, there is more available space to build homes. The southern states were discovered later than the northern states and are therefore less populated. Think about building your dream home in the south, it’ll definitely cost you less!

Quality of Life

Your quality of life is difficult to measure, but it is a mixture of various things like the weather, job security, commute and even housing. In the southern states you are able to have good weather year round, which allows you to spend more time outdoors. If you enjoy hiking, swimming, or even boating, moving down south may be better for your quality of life than living in the north. This is also very true when it comes to the commute, if you’re commuting downtown in Manhattan your commute will look very different from someone who is commuting to downtown Orlando. The size of the population matters, the bigger the population, the longer the commute and the less time you have to enjoy leisure activities. This is also true for housing. If you enjoy swimming, a home with a pool in florida, will cost a lot less than a home in New Jersey with a inground pool. Not only can you not use your pool during the winter it’ll cost more to winterize your pool area in the north. In these cases moving down south is your best bet.

If the heat isn’t your thing then moving to the extreme south isn’t your best bet. You can move to Tuscaloosa Alabama, where you will still be a warmer climate but it won’t be as hot in the summers. Even though it isn’t extremely hot there you will still be able to save enough money on housing and head down to a car dealership in Tuscaloosa, AL and pick out a new vehicle! Move to the south where you can save money and enjoy the outdoors without worry all year long!

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