Best Places to Live in Michigan

Michigan is nicknamed the Great Lakes State because it embraces Lake Michigan and stretches out along the US shorelines of Lake Huron and Lake Superior. It borders a small part of Lake Erie, giving Michigan direct access to 4 of the 5 Great Lakes. Whether you’re moving from another state or want to relocate within Michigan, it might surprise you that some of the most popular places to live in Michigan are outside of Lansing, the state capital, and Detroit, which has the state’s largest population.


A 2018 report concluded that in the entire United States, there were only 4 places to live in that ranked higher than Okemos. Okemos is popular because it’s family friendly and has a strong reputation for good schools. Housing is plentiful and affordable and there are plenty of jobs. Add in the low crime rate and you have a community with a lot of appeal. With just under 23,000 residents, Okemos is big enough to offer plenty of amenities while small enough to feel like a close community. In fact, the only drawback is the weather, but those who enjoy all four seasons will find this is a great place to put down roots.

Okemos is a bedroom community of Lansing, which means that individuals can enjoy the small city feel and still have easy access to the amenities of a larger urban center.

Ann Arbor

With just over 119,000 residents, Ann Arbor is a larger urban center in Michigan that has remained very popular with residents and tourists alike. Ann Arbor is a popular destination for art fans and hosts an outdoor art fair every summer that attracts a wide range of artists using various mediums. Whether you want to check out handmade ceramics or purchase paintings, there’s something for everyone. Hundreds of thousands of people attend. In 2017 it was reported the art festival generated $12 million in revenue.

Ann Arbor is larger than some other cities on this list, but it retains a community atmosphere through family-friendly activities year-round. Ann Arbor is close to both Lansing and Detroit, making it an ideal location for commuters. Whether you plan locally or in a neighboring town you can contact a real estate agency in Ann Arbor, MI to learn about the benefits of buying in Ann Arbor.


Novi is a mid-sized city with 58,835 residents. Conveniently located between Ann Arbor and Detroit, this is another community that may appeal to commuters, but it also has a thriving local economy and attracts many visitors from Detroit and around the state. Novi hosts Michigan’s annual state fair. It has excellent golf courses, great malls, and major tourist destinations, including the Holocaust Memorial Center. Whether you’re looking for a real estate office, a family-friendly restaurant, or a car dealership in Novi, MI, you will find plenty of options to choose from.

Novi has a low crime rate and enjoys a high ranking for its local public schools. These are just a few of the additional reasons that this community is one of the most popular places for Michigan residents to call home.

East Grand Rapids

If you want to live a little closer to Lake Michigan consider moving to East Grand Rapids. This city enjoys plenty of abundant, affordable housing. It also has a lot of family-friendly amenities, including highly ranked schools. There’s little local crime and those who enjoy a night on the town will find that East Grand Rapids offers plenty to do.

With less than 12,000 permanent residents, East Grand Rapids enjoys a small town feel, city East Grand Rapids residents can be in Lansing in less than an hour. The bonus is that it takes less than 50 minutes to reach Muskegon, making this a great location for those who want to be able to take summer trips to Pere Marquette Park, on Lake Michigan, or enjoy Mona Lake Park. Those who prefer outings closer to home have plenty to choose from right in East Grand Rapids. Head out on Reeds Lake in a kayak or enjoy year-round fishing. Families can spend the summers enjoying movies in the local park. With many other events year-round, including art fairs and summer concerts, East Grand Rapids offers something for everyone to enjoy.


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