There is no need to wait to inherit the Pocket Watch

So you like to get your best gear on and make an impression, it may be just occasionally or it could be a regular thing for you.  You have the suit, the shirt, the tie, a great pair of your best leather shoes or boots and maybe some cufflinks. That’s generally all we guys have to have to be dressed to impress right?  Right – however, there are other things to consider that can add a bit of extra pizzazz to achieve a thoroughly polished look and make you really stand out in the crowd. After all, what’s the point in putting on your glad rags if no-one notices you or you pale into insignificance because you look so much the same as the majority of other guys?  So aside from a great hair cut, some very nice aftershave, and in the cooler weather, a great overcoat and good quality scarf, you are probably wondering what else you could add.

How about considering a pocket watch?  Pocket watches are enjoying a well deserved comeback in men’s fashion and you’ll be pretty pleased to see that they don’t all necessarily resemble something you would expect to inherit from your grandfather.  Pocket (or Fob) watches now come in all colours and designs and even in different shapes and they are a great talking point. Who could resist commenting on your pocket watch once they have spotted it subtly tucked away on the end of a very cool chain or proudly displayed right there on your vest?  You never know it even could be a great icebreaker for the ladies and definitely a standout in a crowd! Whether you are a traditionalist or prefer a more contemporary look you will find the pocket watches are simply quite a stunning look. From patterned backs with skeleton faces, roman numerals, gold tones, hunter designs and filigree fine detail, just to mention a few, there are simply dozens to choose from.  It’s quite possible that you won’t be able to choose just one and who knows, once you find a range you like you may find yourself collecting silver watches say just for the sheer joy of it.  You wouldn’t be the first.

A pocket watch also makes a wonderful present for someone else.  If you’re looking for a gift idea for your groomsmen or for a special birthday, pocket watches make a great gift that will last and provide years of pleasure.  You can engrave a special message or date and have them beautifully boxed for safekeeping when they aren’t being worn. These little timepieces can be classy or quirky or downright bold and masculine, so don’t think that every man can’t enjoy one.  The notion that they are only worn by the dapper crowd is long dead. Get on board with latest craze in timepieces and spoil yourself or someone else with a quality piece that perfectly finishes almost any style of dress and suits any occasion.

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