Finding the Right Cigar for You

There are a number of different cigars, from the size to the taste. There are also hundreds of brands of cigars to choose from, like Cheyenne Cigars. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert when it comes to cigars, you always want to puff on the right one for you.

First, look at the size of the cigar. It depends on how long you are wanting to smoke your cigar so keep that in min. A wider cigar is going to smoke longer. The size of the cigar really doesn’t have anything to do with the flavor because the taste is based on the tobacco used. There are different strengths and flavors of cigars from sweet to spicy. If you are looking to smoke your cigar during the day, look for a more mild cigar. If you are looking to smoke your cigar in the evening, look for a stronger flavor cigar that pairs well with cocktails.

The shape of your cigar is another quality you want to consider when purchasing the right cigar for you. Parejos cigars are straight sided and figurados cigars are irregular shape. The gauge of the cigar is also important. Cigar gauges are measured by 64th of an inch. A large gauge is going to take longer to smoke, but less flavor is going to come through from the wrapper so you are able to enjoy more of the flavor from your cigar.

Before settling on a cigar, make sure to closely inspect it. You don’t want any tears, flakes or gaps as it can make it difficult to smoke. You always want to get the most out of your cigar so make sure your cigar isn’t dry an

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