Perfect Moving Plan For Your Family This 2019

Whether you’re conducting a local or international move, the process can be less stressful if you break down the tasks into smaller parts. With the whirlwind of things to accomplish, it’s essential to create a moving plan to help your family prepare for the move.

Follow this perfect checklist to have a stress-free family relocation this 2019.

  1. Sort and purge

Moving can be the perfect time to sort and purge all your belongings. Walk through each room and examine every drawer. Then, determine which items to take to your new location and which should be left behind. Create a list of things for donation, selling, recycling, and tossing. By this, you’ll be able to reduce the number of boxes you’re going to move from one place to another.

  1. Hire an experienced moving company

The entire process of relocation can be complicated. If you’re going to pay for professionals like Movers NYC, you should start doing some research in your area. Request for some quotes and decide on your moving date ahead of time. Don’t forget to check the company’s license number and insurance coverage. Decide on a mover that satisfies your moving needs and suit your budget.

  1. Get your packing materials ahead of time

Save yourself time, money, and effort by gathering enough packing supplies ahead of time. If you can ask for free boxes from local businesses near you. Otherwise, buy various sizes of boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, blankets, trash bags, or scissors. By doing this, you don’t have to stop your packing progress with a series of trips to the grocery stores within the area to buy additional supplies.

  1. Begin packing

After picking up all the materials, you should pack early to save yourself from a chaotic moving day. It’s like doing yourself a favor and make sure everything goes smoothly. Begin with the items that you rarely use such as toys, seasonal clothes, books, or home décor. Work your way until you get through the essentials which should come last in your packing list.

  1. Label

Having a box-labeling system during a move is essential. By marking each box with its content, you prevent the risk of losing anything along the transition. Whether it’s a numbered box or color-coding, you should label all your boxes accordingly.

  1. Keep an inventory

Create a running list of each packed box to make sure you’ll not miss anything during the transit. Include the contents, description, and what room it’s intended for in the new house. Later on, you can use the inventory to guide you when hauling your stuff to your new location.

  1. Inform friends, relatives, and neighbors that you’re moving

Before you move in, find the time to inform your friends, relatives, and neighbors that you’re relocating soon. Give them your new address or send a moving announcement through e-mail. You can also organize a goodbye party to spend time with them for the last time. Remember, moving should be an exciting adventure for you and your family, that’s why get the most out of it by spending time with your loved ones.

  1. Take measurements of your new home

Save yourself from all the hassle by ensuring that all your possessions will fit into your new home. To do that, measure the doorways and even tight spaces to avoid any surprise on a moving day. By taking the necessary measurements, you’ll know which furniture pieces should be brought to your new place with the help of moving companies NYC.

  1. Update of address

Basically, you don’t want to miss any important mail after your move. This is especially true when the tax season is fast approaching. Thus, it’s essential to go to your local post office and apply for a change of address. You can work on it online, and it’ll only take a few minutes of your time. Not only that, but you should also change your address with your insurance providers, banks, credit card companies, and other business institutions.

  1. Call utility providers

Collect the contact information of various utility companies for cable, gas, electric, water, or trash. Once done, start making some calls and schedule the disconnection for the day after your move. If you want to get the utilities ready a day before you arrive, contact utility providers to install the services. By doing it, you want to ensure you have Internet, power, water, and gas.


Moving is challenging. The considerable amount of planning and preparation is sufficient to make you feel anxious and stressed. However, by paying attention to this comprehensive moving plan this 2019, you can take the task step by step, making the whole transition worry-free for your family. Soon enough, you’ll not only be able to complete the list of to-dos but also enjoy the comfort of your new home.


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