San Diego Harbour Tour Guide

Nothing beats a vacation in sunny San Diego. The city is known for many things like Sea World, the San Diego Zoo and their beautiful beaches. You can always go the traditional route and tour the city by land, or you can venture out to sea and tour San Diego in a whole new way!

You don’t need to do it on your own. There are many San Diego sightseeing tours to choose from. The harbours of San Diego are always fun to check out or you can even catch a San Diego whale watching cruise. The waters surrounding San Diego are full of amazing sea life such as whales, dolphins, a variety of fish and sometimes even sharks. This is why using a tour guide is the best option, you will be taken to the best spots and you will be safe!

There are many marinas throughout San Diego. Make sure to pay attention to these as they are usually full of fancy boats. If you are lucky, you might even be able to get a tour of one of the high-end boats floating the seas of San Diego.

San Diego has a lot to offer, but one of their best qualities is their weather! Southern California has terrific weather year round, so you have the chance to tour the seas any time of year! The days are usually sunny with light winds and temperatures in the 70s. It can get a little chilly in the evening, especially if the winds pick up, so always bring a light jacket. Luckily, San Diego doesn’t see too much rain and if you happen to catch one of those rare rainy days, there are plenty of other things you can do to pass the time, like enjoying one of San Diego’s tasty restaurants.



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