5 Fun Ways to Get Fit Without Feeling Like You’re Exercising

There is nothing more painful than exercises that you don’t like to do. Of course, you like the results, but if you are not willing to do them, or you are not having fun, then you will find every excuse not to do them.

Workouts that are fun, and is not thought of as exercise, is the best way to get into shape, no matter what shape you are in when you begin. Losing weight may be your big goal, but reframing your thoughts as getting fit is a better way to look at exercise.

You may want to try a free Zumba class, one of the most fun classes on many gym’s schedules, before joining. However, there are ways to get fit without feeling as if you are exercising.

Here are 5 ways to get fit without feeling as if you are exercising.

  1. Dancing

You don’t have to take lessons to become a dancer. Dancing around the house to your favourite music is enough to work up your strength over a short period of time.

The saying is to “dance like no one is watching” and that is a good mantra to repeat when the music is loud and you want to move. No one is going to judge how you are moving, as long as you are moving and become healthy.

  1. Walking

Walking is one of the best exercises out there and when you are walking to a destination, like a book store, then you won’t feel as if you are working out. Walking outside is best because you won’t get bored, but if you have a treadmill, that works also.

Walk with a purpose and keep your back straight, this will strengthen your core and help you shape your body to a smaller size.

  1. Play with The Kids

If you don’t have kids, borrow some. Take them to the park and run around and play like when you were little. Having fun and playing, without thinking about what you are doing or if someone will see you, is the best way to sneak in some exercising.

If your child is too young for the park, play on their bedroom floor with them. Toddlers love to climb on their parents.

  1. Get a Dog

A dog or puppy needs a lot of attention. Like children, they like to wrestle around on the floor with their parent. Just crawling after them is a workout.

Take them for daily walks, several a day if possible. If they are little enough, pick them up like weight and put them over your head.

  1. Jump Rope

When you were younger, jumping rope was so much fun. You don’t need two other people to hold the rope, you can jump by yourself. Jumping, whether on a trampoline or with a rope, helps to eliminate toxins from the lymphatic system and will allow you to lose water weight and feel great.

Simply put, get up and move and you will feel better and if you pick something fun, you won’t realize you are exercising.

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