Why Online Counseling is Making Waves

The concept of telemedicine has seen an increase in popularity in the last few years. It’s the ability to help diagnose and treat patients remotely. Not everyone is able to leave their house, have a schedule convenient to visit a doctor, and be able to visit one.

Another form of telemedicine that has been increasing in popularity is online counseling. Sites like Regain have seen an increase in popularity over the past few years. The ability to talk to a therapist anywhere, any time is tempting for many people. Here are a few reasons as to why that is.


  • Mental Health Care is Needed More Than Ever


Many people are suffering from mental health problems, and we’re not just talking about those who have severe mental illnesses. We are also talking about people who are overstressed. Students who need some advice on how to go with life. Parents who need help managing their family life. The list goes on and on. Not everyone is getting the help they need. There are a few reasons as to why that is, but it can be chalked up to the fact that


  • It’s Hard to Find Help At Your Own Schedule


We live in an age of third shift, where people work at night and sleep during the day, and yet many mental health care facilities haven’t adapted to this. Instead, they work 9 to 5s. This can make finding mental healthcare a challenge. An online counselor can work on your own schedule, which is always convenient.


  • You Can Be Directed To a Therapist Who is Right for You


When searching for a therapist, you may have preferences. Male, female, younger, older, the list goes on. Finding the best therapist for the best job can differ for anyone, and a counselor online is designed to match all your needs. You can find a therapist based on treatment style, philosophy, and much more.


  • Great for At the Moment Care


Plenty of people need help right now. A couple who is fighting may seek the immediate help of a couple’s counselor who can help calm down the situation. Someone who is depressed to the point of considering self-harm may need to talk to a therapist ASAP. Online counseling allows for this and for people to receive immediate care if they so need it. This is quite important for many different reasons, the biggest being that sometimes, care can be a life or death struggle.


  • Lots of Ways to Communicate


Online care can be done through text, email, calling, or video chat. All these options allow for different ways to receive help. If you’re on the train on a commute, texting is a way to get help without bothering people. If you prefer a face to face conversation, video chat has you covered. Video chat is the best way for your therapist to read you, but we now that’s not for everyone, so all the other options are valid too.


  • It’ll Improve as Time Goes on


While online counseling is still very young, it holds a lot of promise. As internet speeds go faster, as video chatting becomes less laggy, and as the idea of telemedicine becomes more normalized, we will definitely start to see more people using online counseling and have much more options as time goes on.

If you haven’t received help already, try it out. Even if you aren’t severely depressed or have severe problems, a counselor can be good just for general life advice and for planning for the future. Try it out today and see what we mean.

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