The Cream of the Crop: Have You Visited One of These Top 10 Wineries in the World?

Wine exists on a continuum of quality and experience. The air of refinement and sophistication that are integral to wine depends greatly on where a wine came from. Wine is made in nearly every country in the world and has been a staple of human life for thousands of years. Visiting a winery is one way to tap into these elements of sophistication and historic human engagement. Wineries are properties that are involved in the production of wine. Here workers work on producing the best wines from grapes that are usually grown onsite. The process involves the fermentation of the fruit and blending the resultant product with aging juice and various other ingredients.

Many of the world’s most revered wineries allow tours of their facilities which often include a tasting of their best wines. If this kind of high-level entertainment appeals to you it is important to know 10 of the top wineries in the world to help you plan where to start what is soon to be your favourite trip destination.

Adam Puchta Winery

Adam Puchta and his father, John Puchta, along with other family members left their homeland of Germany in 1839. After arriving in the United States the family purchased 40 acres of land that is near to where the winery exists today. Adam worked on this original farm for a few years before striking out west to find gold. Upon arriving home he purchased another 40 acres and there founded the Adam Puchta & Son Wine Co. By 1855 this company was producing its first wine. It has come a long way from those first bottles made from wild grapes. Making their way through challenges like Prohibition in 1919 the operation didn’t hit full stride again until 1989 when Randolph Puchta started planning for the reopening of the winery. Winery tours for Adam Puchta and many of the other wineries on this list can be arranged beforehand and help make trips more meaningful.

Bias Vineyards

Located near the beautiful Missouri River bottomlands, Bias Vineyards is known for views that are uniquely breathtaking. When visiting this winery you will be entertained in a tasting room that allows access to the special views, which include a dramatic overlook of the vineyard itself. Many guests find that being outside and taking in the outdoor atmosphere is the most enjoyable way to taste test wines at Bias. There are several special events that are held every year including a barbecue and chilli cook-off, an adult Easter Egg Hunt and others that all have a reputation for light-hearted enjoyment.

Dierberg Star Lane

Famed west coast wine country is typified by the Dierberg Star Lane Tasting Room. Located just under three hours from Los Angeles International Airport, this winery specializes both in a highly acclaimed Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. There are two vineyards that work in conjunction to produce these and other sought after wines. The proximity of the Pacific Ocean to these two vineyards imbues a special taste as the foggy and cool temperatures interact with the grapes. Dierberg also features wines that are made from a smaller vineyard that is closer to the San Rafael Mountains and takes advantage of the warmer weather to create wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Hermannhof Winery

This winery is a part of a very neat historic atmosphere. There are museums and shops all around Hermannhof ten large stone cellars which evokes a richness of appreciation for what is being done. All of those ten cellars are used today just as they were in the era that the location seems to represent.

One unique element of the vineyards that serve Hermannhof is the climate and soil combination. These conditions are set against a landscape that is categorized as the most severe elevations and drop-offs in the region. Two rivers that are near to the vineyard actually work to prevent frosts that damage other vineyard’s grapes. These high elevations and favourable temperatures allow better aging of the fruit.

OakGlenn Vineyards

Looking over the Missouri River, the OakGlenn winery was started in the 1800s when an American wine icon, George Husmann, came into ownership of the property. There is a vine that he planted that survive today and are unify today’s winemaking efforts with the past’s. Different from most vineyards, OakGlenn is open year round with different areas of the property set aside for the different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that it produces. During the summer months, live entertainment is featured on a covered porch. In October a traditional Oktoberfest style event is held with various beverages and entertainments provided.

Robller Vineyard

A more quaint winery to consider visiting is located on a terrifically green hillside in the middle of what is considered prime Missouri wine country. A relatively recent operation, it was started in 1988 as a low-level family hobby. Robller incorporates several unique techniques to develop the best possible flavours in their products such as dry farming to develop proper root systems and an eye toward self-sustainability.

The ‘house style’ that is embodied by a European approach to winemaking is a hallmark of Robller’s wines. This style focuses on regional varietals and a distinctive character. The technicality of their approach does not diminish a down to earth feel that is enhanced by their willingness to allow visitors to explore the property, have a picnic, or even play field games. Guests often comment on the spectacular sunsets that can be viewed will sipping some of the finest wine in the world.

Stone Hill Winery

A blend of old world origin and modern management is one way to describe Stone Hill Winery. It originally started making wine in 1847 but like so many other wineries of that era, it was shut down by prohibition. This was a tragedy for all wineries but was especially impactful for Stone Hill as it as the largest series of wine cellars in the United States. Stone Hill again begin to serve its purpose in 1965 when Jim and Betty Held bought the property and began to restore it.

Now a generation removed and still family-owned, this winery has received countless awards noting the excellence of their product and claims a yearly yield of 300,000 gallons of wine. This feat is accomplished by using the most cutting edge technology. This technological approach makes the most of Stone Hill’s main grape which is the full-bodied red Norton.

Lavaux Vineyards

A trip to this winery would require a passport as it is located in the western province of Switzerland. A trip would be well worth it as it would be a visit to the largest contiguous vineyard region in the whole country. Beyond the wine tasting, there are a dozen small villages that surround the vineyard area that makes for great tourist destinations. If you are keen to outdoor recreation this too can be accomplished as there are free hiking and off-road bicycling maps that can be provided by the local tourist office. A day full of adventure and fine wine tasting would be a sure way to long-lasting memories.

Yarra Yering

Wine from down under is becoming more and more popular with enthusiasts from around the globe. One of the oldest winemaking operations in the Victoria region of the country is Yarra Yering. Using unirrigated vines, the Yarra Valley vineyard produces elegant and complex wines which are so developable that they keep in the bottle for many years. Yarra claims that because they grow fruit that is such a high level the need to get fancy or innovative with their production style is unnecessary.

Guests are invited seven days a week to enjoy wine tasting and tours of the 70-acre vineyard. Situated on a slope of the Warramate hills, the sunshine is especially refreshing and generally pleasant.

Chateau Montelena

Before Napa Valley was a synonym for wine country, Alfred Tubbs heard a rumour that led him to inspect soil in an area north of Calistoga near the base of Mount Saint Helena. He found the area perfect for an estate vineyard and with the help of a French-born winemaker he began to produce wines that would come to be revered for generations.

The Chateau’s main tasting service is dubbed the ‘beyond Paris’ experience which sets out to give visitors the fullest experience of French-inspired wines as well as the unique history the Hollywood crowd has had with foreign wines.

Advice For Wine Tasting

Any of these wonderful wineries would be an excellent choice if you feel the urge to have a wine tasting adventure. If you are new to wine tasting it is a good idea to keep a few things in mind. The wine is to be consumed at a pace that is set by the group. You don’t want to be the first to finish your provided glass of wine and you also don’t want to be the last. Overindulgence is unrefined and hesitancy is rude. Take your time, swirl the wine and sniff the wine with your mouth slightly open and be prepared to take notes as you experience new flavours.

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