Most Innovative Camping Gadgets For Your Next Outdoors Trip

Many people want to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and come closer to nature by camping in remote places. This outdoor’s pleasure can only be done with the right tools, as the wilderness could be a dangerous place. That is why the camping gear should be taken seriously, and bring all the essentials in order to have a nice and pleasant stay. 

As camping is becoming more trendy, many companies started to develop unique products that will make your camping trip a lot easier. That is why we will go through some of the most innovative camping gadgets designed to make your outdoor’s trip easier. These appliances also play a big part in our safety which is the number one priority.

  • Glowing rope

Campers will know that all the ropes that are needed to set up the tents and other gear can be dangerous especially overnight. Basically, they become invisible and it is very easy to trip over them and hurt yourself. 

That is where the glowing rope comes in. It is designed to glow in the dark, making it easily noticeable and cool. You can find the whole set in Amazon for about $20 and you avoid tripping over the rope when you wake up sleepy for a late night bathroom emergency. Besides, your tent will look like a sci-fi spaceship, which is also quite cool.

  • Solar Grill

When you go camping you have to take the food seriously, just because you might catch some unwanted infection that will ruin your time. Besides, you have to be aware that not all camping sites have electricity and making a fire with only wood or coal can be difficult, because of the wind or just your lack of experience.

This solar-powered grill is perfect for making barbecue and vegetables on a sunny day, and it is very useful if you are camping in places where the fire is forbidden. You might be familiar with this concept if you watched the last seasons of Shark Tank, after Dallas Maverick owner, Mark Cuban, invested $500.000 in SolSource. So, if you are camping during Summer, it will also be a worthy investment for you – between 200$ and $400 – and you won’t need much to have it fully charged, ready to grill. 

  • Mosquito Repellent Device

Bugs represent another danger to your health and can be irritating and ruin your camping trip. If you have been bitten by a mosquito, although it might be just itchy and uncomfortable, you should watch out for the symptoms because it can lead to severe infections.

However, with Thermacell Mosquito Repellent device you might be rid of that problem before it even appears. It is very powerful and can provide you with a mosquito free area of over 225 square feet. It is also portable and easy to carry everywhere you go. The Thermacell gadget costs just $20 and it will definitely take out the annoying buzz of your buzzing trip. 

  • Light-up Tent Stakes

If you are not a fan of the glowing rope thinking that is a bit too much, you can buy the aluminum camping stakes that have built-in LEDs and more than 10 hours of life. This gadget can be buried in the ground and the rope from the tent is attached to them. 

Again, if you need to go for a midnight walk for some reason, this is a very useful gadget in order to avoid falling down. These LEDs are even cheaper than the glowing rope, costing a maximum of $10.

  • Personal Water Filter

Costing also just $20, the LifeStraw water filter is a very useful tool to have when you travel to remote places. Water supply should be your first priority when you go camping and if your provision runs out, you can use this filter in rivers, since it will avoid you getting sick. 

It is simply a straw, than you use in rivers, lakes, streams and water fountains that turns the liquid drinkable, removing the bacteria. It doesn’t work in the sea though, of course. 

  • Camp stove Power Charger

Coming at around $110, is the BioLite CampStove charger. Have you ever wondered what can you do with the energy from your campfire? Well with this device allows you to charge your phone while sitting around the fire at night. 

You might want to go gadget-free on camping, but we simply cannot live without our gadgets. Imagine you go want to go camping, but you are a baseball expert pick and the MLB playoffs are on? If you have battery on your smartphone you can watch it. Besides, it is always important to be contactable in case of an emergency. This is a perfect device that uses the energy from the fire to charge any phone, so you won’t need electricity to charge your mobile phone. 

  • High-Pressure water system

As we mentioned earlier, water is the number one priority when you go camping. However, we all know the struggle when you have to put your water container higher up in order to get water pressure or do the heavy lifting when you want to take a sip of water. With the RinseKit gadget, you can store water in the container as well as build up pressure by pumping. The container can keep the water warm as well as provide you with pressurized water coming out from a nozzle. It is perfect for showering or washing, specially if you travel with your pet. With a price around $90, RinseKit was another success story in Shark Tank and you can see the appeal.

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