5 Common Causes of Car Accidents That Could Be Avoided

With so many cars in the world, it’s only natural that accidents are going to happen; especially when you consider that most of us are driving from a young age and will drive for most of our lives. Whether driving to work, a social event or even just driving to the shops, driving regularly means we pick up habits and get comfortable.

However, while statistically you’re bound to be in an accident at some point in your life, there are so many accidents that every single year that can be avoided by following simple rules or just taking care. Today, we’re going to explore the five common car accident causes that you be avoided with a bit of attention. 


It’s possible to speed too fast anywhere, especially if you’re driving down roads you know very well, or need to get somewhere quickly. However, the faster you’re traveling, the less time you’ll have to be able to react to things that are happening in front of you, and you won’t be able to stop.

Instead, traveling at the set speed limits will ensure you’re driving a suitable speed for the area you’re in, therefore able to react appropriately when you need to. Of course, you might be involved in an accident because someone else was speeding. If this is the case, you need to make sure you’re getting legal assistance from groups like Keller and Keller accident lawyers to ensure you’re covered.

2. Weather Conditions

Another extremely common cause of road accident is people not paying attention or changing their driving styles when the road conditions change due to the weather conditions. This can be anything from rain, ice, snow, hail, or basically any kind of weather. 

You need to make sure you’re changing your driving style to ensure you’re always as safe as possible. For example, if it’s icy and slippery, you need to drive slower so you can react to situations in time, ultimately creating fewer accidents on the road.

3. Mobile Phone Use

So many people are falling into the trap of driving and using their mobile phones at the same time. Whether you’re glancing at it while at a stoplight, texting or scrolling through social media while out and about, or even having a phone call, if your attention is on your phone, it’s not on the road.

If you’re attention is not on the road, practically anything, no matter how random, from turning a corner to someone or something running out in front of your car can happen, and you won’t be able to stop it.

4. Being Tired

Whether people are driving long distances, early mornings, or simply just tired when a driver falls asleep at the wheel, they lose all control, and there’s no telling what dangers this can create for them or anyone else on the road. Fatigue is one of the biggest road killers, so always make sure you’re well-rested before getting behind the wheel.

5. Distracted Driving

While phones can be a huge distraction, there are plenty of other distractions. From having loud music, shouting or annoying people in the car, things happening outside the car, or even just being lost in your own train of thought, these are all things that can distract drivers and end up resulting in accident situations.


As you can see, there are lots of things you’ll need to think about when it comes to driving yourself, and many considerations to remember to help ensure you minimize the risk of being involved in an accident situation.

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