The Modern Man’s Guide on Styles.

With the onset of modern civilization, trends for styles are rapidly evolving and becoming even more daring. Fashion changes occur almost every day and the modern man tries to keep up with this demand.

There has been a radical change in the grooming industry, from hairstyles to hair cutting scissors,  what used to be fashionable is now seen as outdated and only recalled as old school.

A major characteristic of the modern man is his adventurous spirit. The modern man wants to try out new things, he wants to break boundaries and push beyond his limits. The modern man is interested in his looks. Looking good is a fundamental need of the modern man as he realizes that the society is changing, and the modern man does not want to be left behind.

Styles are unique to people. Styles are a manner of doing or presenting things, especially a fashionable one. A style usually creates an image. So for the modern man, he is interested in creating an image that is peculiar to him and reflects his personality. Being a modern man today is not entirely different from centuries ago. It is all about adhering to principles while creating your own style. 

Amount of Hair

The ending of the 20th century placed emphasis on the amount of hair in men’s hairstyle fashion. The larger the hair size, the more stylish the look. A very common example is the Afro style used by most Black-Americans.

Know what Works.

Today, men have more choices than ever when it comes to their hairstyle and haircut. Not every hairstyle will work on every head or with every type of hair. Men with curly hair can pull off styles men with straight hair could never dream about and vice versa.


While an individual feels the need to be stylish, he definitely would not want to overstress that look, and therefore maintaining a responsible yet stylish appearance along is the aim of the article.

Hair Products

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Another thing that affects hairstyle is the kind of hair products and hairstylist. Wrong or defective hair products may bring about good looks but they do not last. 

So while considering the cost of hair products, the quality is very necessary. Resist the urge to save cash by cutting your own hair or opting for a low class hairstylist. 

Always entrust your hairstyle to a quality stylist who has put in the time to learn the art (and it is an art). Although it might seem simple, a haircut, requires precise cutting scissor and clipper work to perfect that graduated look. 

Hair Stylists

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Hairstyles depends on the right technique which is dependent on the quality and experience of the hairstylist. Very high quality texturizing shears provided by Scissors Tech US can be used to elevate the styling techniques of the hairstylists and bring out that modern man’s look. 

Regular Visits

Another guide for men to live by is regular visits to the barber’s shop. 

 “The closer the haircut, the more regular you’ll need it re-cut to keep it sharp and clean,” says Gore. Your hairstyle may need to be cut back in every couple of weeks. It all depends on how fast your hair grows. Men should try and schedule haircuts in advance to ensure they stick to a schedule. 

Routine Hair Care 

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Not every man’s hair is created equal, so your routine snips could depend on the length you’re maintaining as well as your texture.

The periods between haircuts and trims should be spent treating the hair with nutritive ingredients and routines. This maintenance will help stave off split ends, breakage, and dryness.

Shape of your Head

Hairstyles should be selected based on the shape of the head of the individual. Different hairstyles fit different head shapes and men should ensure the haircut and hair shape are synchronized properly. When trying out new styles to find the perfect fit for you, it is important to seek suggestions from the hairstylist. 

You should also take a picture of the hair style in cases when you may travel for long periods of time to a new environment to show another hairstylist. 


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Another important factor is the level of facial hair. Recently,  facial hair has been integrated into the fashion and hairstyle industry. Men should select their haircut based on their facial hair.

The choice of facial haircut is dependent on the person. However, it should be done in moderation.

Some professions  frown at a long display of beards. Your desire for fashion should not trump the need for responsibility.

Let us examine some trending hairstyles. You should however check in with a professional hairstylist to get the most suitable hairstyle for you. 

Buzz Cut or Low Cut

A buzz cut is a simple and short haircut for gents. It is identifiable by its length, which is clipped very close to the head with electric clippers.

Thanks to its ultra-short length, buzz cuts are a very easy style to wear and maintain. They require no styling and just need a quick trim when the length starts to grow out.


For Gents with fine hair, the comb-over style is peculiar as it parts a section of hair to one side and then combed over the other side. The comb-over can help make the hair appear full. 

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a type of men’s haircut where the upright hair on the top of the head is cut short. Additionally, the sides are cut or tapered exceptionally short to create a neat and tidy appearance.


The mohawk is a punk-inspired hairstyle that features a strip of long hair running from the hairline to the back of the head and contrasting short sides.

Although the look traditionally features sharp spikes, it can be styled in many ways for a more modern appearance.


Dreadlocks are a type of hairstyle where long strands are matted or braided into ropelike locks.


A pompadour is a classic men’s hairstyle that dates all the way back to the 1700s. Today, the cut, which features hair styled up and back off the forehead, is a highly popular choice for gents.

This list is not exhaustive as there are over hundreds of other popular hairstyles for men. Skilled hairstylists should be able to make the best choice for their clients to out that modern man’s look.

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