Bingo isn’t just for women and old people

Bingo as bee a very popular pastime, in the UK, in North America, as well as elsewhere. In fact, bingo is played in almost every part of the world, in most countries. The popularity of bingo increased significantly after World War II. People were gathering at their local bingo halls to play their favourite game, but also meet with friends and neighbours. A lot of friendships were forged over a game of bingo and the game’s social element is perhaps its strongest asset. 

In the UK, bingo became a true tradition. Hundreds of bingo halls popped up all over the country. The version of bingo that was and still is predominantly played in Britain is 90-ball bingo. 

Popularisation of online bingo

While in the old days one had to visit the local bingo hall to play bingo, but nowadays you can play bingo online without having to leave your living room. In fact, it is even possible to play bingo on your smartphone or tablet, regardless of your location, as long as you have a stable internet connection. 

The number of players that choose to play bingo online is growing, thus the attendance rates at land-based bingo halls throughout the UK is in decline. Many were sceptical when the first online bingo sites were launched, and the primary concern was that the online, computerised version of the game would lack the social element that is one of the key features of the game of bingo.

With the chat rooms, including the special chatroom prizes and minigames, online bingo definitely managed to retain the interactive, social element of the game. So, if you’re playing bingo online it’s not just looking a bingo ticket or a batch (strip) of tickets, it is a lot more than then.

And here we reach the key point of discussion. Despite its immense popularity, bingo always had the reputation of an old folks’ game. The average bingo player is a middle-aged to old woman and that has been the perception of the game in the general public. 

When bingo went online, it became clear that the game isn’t only for older folks. In fact, it was the combination of attracting younger audiences while retaining its older clientele that made online bingo so popular and a viable substitute for land-based bingo. Statistics from 2016 show that bingo is more popular than tennis with almost 2 million people who play bingo on a monthly basis. 

Quirky and exciting bingo halls

And it’s not just online bingo that contributed towards the popularisation of bingo among millennials. Land-based bingo has also changed in the past decade. A bingo hall is a traditional institution, and a typical bingo hall in 2000 didn’t differ all that much from a bingo hall in 1960. At a traditional bingo hall you can play bingo and in some cases you can get some snacks and a pint, but that’s pretty much it. 

But nowadays we’ve got bingo halls in London, and throughout the rest of UK where you get to play bingo, but usually the game of bingo is combined with a range of other activities. Nothing speaks to millennials like music, so it is no wonder that there are places where they combine bingo and hip-hop, or bingo at dance. 

The Breakfast Club in Battersea also hosts bingo games at the evenings, when people don’t usually go for breakfast. If you live near Battersea, you might also enjoy a game of Bunga Bunga Bingo Bingo at the Bunga Bunga club. Here, bingo is mixed with karaoke and a range of other activities. 

Many bingo halls serve fancy and unusual cocktails as well as exotic dishes, so it’s not just lager and crisps nowadays.

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