Exploring Your Options: 5 Types of Airport Parking You Can Choose From

When traveling via plane, booking a parking space in advance can eliminate a lot of stress. It will also help travelers save money and time. However, some people aren’t aware of the parking they have access to at the airport.

For those who want to make the right decision, information is power. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common types of airport parking here.

1. Short-Term Parking  

It’s a good idea to look at the airport parking cost guide for the airport being used before deciding, but short-term parking is one of the most popular options. Most short-term parking spaces are located close to the terminal at the airport. The cost of this parking is usually charged per hour, and discount rates are provided after a certain number of days.

2. Long-Term Parking

The purpose of long-term airport parking is to provide cars for someplace to stay for an extended period of time. Usually, travelers use long-term parking for four to five days. The spaces in long-term parking are more affordable than the ones available in short-term parking lots.

When things are busier, it’s a good idea to call ahead to get a space. Otherwise, it may be impossible to secure one.

3. Terminal Parking

In some United States airports, a traveler can find the term, which is also called terminal parking. This option is accessible from the Departure Level (Upper Level) only. Usually, terminal parking offers several parking structures.

Some of these parking areas have height restrictions for vehicles. This is to ensure that the maximum number of vehicles is put in this area, providing the maximum profit for the airport.

4. Valet Parking

Most people are familiar with valet parking services from upscale hotels and restaurants. While this is true, there are some airports across the country that offer this service, too. If a traveler is in a big hurry and they don’t have time to wait for a shuttle to take them to the terminal, they may opt for valet services.

If this is what a traveler opts for, a parking professional will meet them at their vehicle and take the vehicle’s keys. The professional will park the car and when the traveler returns, the valet professional will get the traveler’s vehicle and deliver it to them. Usually, valet parking areas are found on an airport’s departure level for the terminal (if there is one).

5. Terminal Curbside Parking

If a person is lucky enough to have a ride to the airport and not have to worry about leaving their vehicle, they need to be careful where they park to get out and get their luggage. Usually, curbside parking is only designed for very fast loading and unloading. Drivers aren’t allowed to stay parked in these designated areas for more than a few minutes (in most cases) but this is another situation that varies from one airport to another.

Selecting the Best Airport Parking Option

As any traveler can see, there are several parking options they can choose from when they have to leave their vehicle at the airport while traveling. It’s a good idea to consider each one carefully to find the option that best suits their needs and budget. Being informed is the best way to ensure that the right parking option is found and that it meets a traveler’s needs.   

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